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Aug 28, 2019
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Good morning people! Time without posting anything.... I was out hunting, but my country is going to hell, so I have other things on my mind. But hey... Let's get down to business.....

This year I was able to go to La Pampa (almost 750 km from Bs As) with a friend to see if we could hunt some red stag, but unfortunately, due to the unusual heat in March, they still haven't roared. My friend was lucky to be able to hunt the last day when he had 20 minutes of light left.

Although I could have taken one of the rifles that I have with a scope (now Im using a 25-06), but Im try to start hunting with an open sight. So I took my CZ 550 458 lott. The reloads has a bullet of lead of 400gn. I didn't measure speed, but I guess it was around 1800.

I came across a couple of herds, but they listened to us first. We saw them when they were already run. A single deer roar at me twice, but in that part, the forest was very close, and we saw it when it start run to about 25 meters, without the possibility of shooting. Side note, it is really a comfort to carry a rifle without a scope and with a 20-inch barrel in the bush. Carrying on the leash, the barrel is below my head, so it didn't get caught in the branches.

But, the first day, we were gossiping with binoculars right at the intersection of two paths. In that moment, the guide shows me that, about 300 meters away, a sheep was walking, followed behind by a four-horned sheep and a mouflon. He asks me if I wanted to hunt the mouflon. He looked much prettier than the one he had "hunted" (it was sacrificed with a shot), so we hid behind a piquillin (a large bush in the region) that would be about 15 meters from the path. I had been practicing shooting at 50m, and up to that distance I had full faith. He tells me "Don't take too long to shoot, because as soon as we get wind, it goes into the bush." The wind was right behind us, so it was a matter of time, but I didn't want to risk the shot, so I waited as long as I could. He had been following him with the rifle, already attached to the tripod, and when I was about to shoot, he raised his head, looked right where we were, jumped 2 times and we didn't see him again.

Well... It was already said. But the guide tells me "Let's wait for him at the intersection of the two paths, maybe he crosses". As is.... 10 minutes later he sends himself to cross, at about 60m. He turns and looks at me, but there I was already waiting for him, so I shot with faith in the middle. He kicked for 10 seconds and didn't move anymore. The shot entered the shoulder and exited through the chest. The truth is that I came more than happy with the lead tips. I would have liked to be able to try them with a red stag, but well, it will be for next year's.


Some photos of the place.....


My friend deer...

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Excellent, congratulations. Thanks for posting.
Sounds like you had a good time. Nice animals. Congrats
Very pleased with you´re hunt JR!!!!
I see the hunting story in FA forum (Full Aventura, an Argentinian forum) but I´m glad you poted here, very well!!!
Keep using this lead cast bullets, are great and very letals...
Just saw this............very nice fotos and great results.........thnx for posting.......FWB

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