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    Africa Hunters and Big Bore shooters, I found this current auction on a favorite firearms auction website. It seems like a great deal to me after a quick google of the various items for current prices.

    I want you to understand that this is NOT my auction nor is it one I am associated with, I buy items at Auction Arms occasionally, check my user name "MBurkeaso". I simply thought that some of you PHs and others might be glad to find an auction for such a large lot of various Kynoch ammo. I make no other guarantees or endorsments. - Online Gun Auction
    Kynoch ammunition Bonanza lot
    Time Left till Auction Closes -- 2 Days, 7 Hours, 36 Minutes
    Ammunition : For Shooting - Rifle - Item# 9146413

    Seller's Description:
    Here is a bonanza lot of kynoch big bore ammunition that came out of an old estate. all of it is factory loaded most have never been opened this lot would retail for about approx. 14-15k. get a great deal today if you love big bore this lot is for you. i will even cover have the shipping on it. Here is a broken down list of what is there: .600 nitro express 3" solid 900grn - 23 boxes .577 nitro express 3" solid 750grn - 16 boxes .500 nitro express 3" solid 570grn - 40 boxes .476 nitro express 3" solid 520grn - 10 boxes .470 nitro express 3.25" soft/solid 500grn - 14 boxes .450 nitro express 3.25" soft/solid 480grn - 20 boxes .450/400 nitro express 3" soft 400grn - 40 boxes .416 rigby hollow point - 2 boxes .400/350 nitro express 2.75" soft 310grn - 5 boxes .375 mag flanged nitro express solid 300grn - 3 boxes .244 H&H mag - 10 boxes 10.75 mauser - 3 boxes .350 rigby bore no.2 - 2 boxes

    Payment and Shipping Instructions:
    payment required within 5days of auction end no personal checks

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