Kudu, Nyala, Waterbuck, Zebra Hunting US$7,725 With Free Sable*

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    Offering 2 pkgs at this price . LATE SEASON SPECIAL
    Hunt is 7 full days for species listed above.
    Hunt Breakdown
    Day Fees $1925
    Kudu $1200
    Nyala $1800
    Waterbuck $1800
    Zebra $1000
    Sable $0
    Total $7725
    * Free Sable is a cull male with a broken tip one side or other. Taxidermist can repair , hunter keeps, skull, horns, skin. Bulls are 36" and up .
    Additional animals maybe added at price list. Attached is a current price sheet , website being updated.
    Interested parties PM
    Current list in photos , website being updated.
    We have excellent accommodations with superb African cuisine.
    PH Hennie Van Jaarsveld is top notch as they come in our opinion, his passion for the outdoors and wildlife conservation is second to none .
    We hunt self sustaining animals on numerous concessions throughout the East Cape.

    IMG_0414.PNG IMG_0409.PNG IMG_1814.JPG SA 2104 Day 3 060.JPG Lodge #.png L13.jpg L11.jpg IMG_0750.JPG IMG_1929.JPG

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