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Apr 1, 2023
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Greetings from TN. I am planning an 1X1 hunt in Namibia June 2024. looking to get an hold of a trophy KUDU 55Plus. Does anyone have any suggestions.?
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Lots of big kudu in Namibia. Several good sponsors on the site here offer good packages they include a chance at a large kudu in Namibia. I’m sure some of them will be along shortly to offer suggestions. Good luck on your quest for a 55+ kudu, they are truly spectacular.
I think anyone that 100% guarantees a Kudu over 55 inches runs an operation that is more akin to game farming.

Guarantees are hard in nature.

I think you should first look at the type of experience you wish to have and the type of hunting you have pictured. You goal is certainly doable though!!! good luck
Welcome to AH docrich. The more trips you come to Africa on, the higher the probability. I have seen some huge kudu in Save in Zimbabwe.
Namibia can be a great option. IMHO few areas compare to the Kudu bulls found in the Waterberg region of Limpopo especially on well managed areas.

Good luck in your search sure you’ll have a good trip.
My very best, as always
Welcome aboard! Quite a few Namibian sponsors on this site you should reach out to, best of luck!
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:S Welcome: to AH!
Welcome to the forum.
I am Wayne Muller from Boss Safaris and Outfitters. Our outfit is based in Limpopo, about 30 min from
Phalaborwa. This area is one of the best hunting destinations in South Africa, and one of the last true
areas in the country where you can hunt alongside the Big 5. In addition, we have hunting concessions in
every province, where we pursue species in their natural habitat.
We cater to rifle and bow hunters, and offer photographic safaris and tours to the Kruger National Park
and surroundings. We are a one stop shop in the safari business.
Please feel free to visit our website for more information and thank you for your consideration. If you
have any questions about our Safaris, please send me a message or email me directly
Welcome welcome welcome
Welcome to AH!
Greetings from TN. I am planning an 1X1 hunt in Namibia June 2024. looking to get an hold of a trophy KUDU 55Plus. Does anyone have any suggestions.?
My son and I hunted with KOWAS Safaris. Great folks and lots of game.
Hello docrich,

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

Our main hunting area is not high fenced.
It is truly free range, in that the multitude of animals on our land **mostly remain there, due to year around water and wild grasses plus, miles and miles of rolling hills, other plentiful diversified, edible plants and brush choked canyons to hide in.

Zebras (both Hartmann and Burchell) plus oryx / gemsbok as well as a few eland **migrate to and from the Khomas region, with the seasons.

Kudu up there remain year around, as per their typically reclusive behavior.
Because our kudus are born in the wild and live free up there, we cannot promise you a 55” bull.
However, if you invest the serious effort to hunt them, day after day and if your are seriously lucky, there is a serious chance that you could bag a serious giant …. seriously. LoL
No guarantees but it could happen.

Anyway, whomever you decide to book with, I wish you all the best.
Even if you do not book with us, I will be happy to help you sort out any questions about what gear to bring, especially firearms, ammunition, sighting equipment, clothing, footwear and so forth.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog.
Hallo, welcome to email us, we have Kudu and have an opening for next year June
Arrive 23 / 24 June and departure 1 July.


Let me send you a quote, waiting for your email.
L'wyk Jansen van Vuuren - Namibia

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