Krieghoff Classic cocking issue?


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Jun 30, 2023
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I recently purchased a Krieghoff Classic from 1996 which is pretty much in new old stock condition. I am having a bit of issue cocking the rifle with the manual cocking safety - it is very stiff. For me it's impossible to cock it using only my thumb, I have to literally use the palm of my hand to press it forward. I'm not a very strong guy so that might be the issue but I can't help but wonder if there isn't anything that could be done about it or if the spring is just really stiff from not having been used for 25+ years.

Can I do anything about it? Will it loosen up eventually from just using it repeatedly? Am I just too weak?

I've only shot 40 cartridges through it so far and the previous owner (who bought it new) shot less than a hundred rounds with it.

Other than this "issue" I'm very happy with the purchase.

Thanks in advance!
Best thing to do would be to call krieghoff. I’ve found their customer service to be outstanding
The first time I cocked a Krieghoff rifle (at the SCI convention) it was difficult. The gentleman working the booth showed me the proper technique and all of a sudden it was easy. I can't remember if I was pushing down too hard and not forward or what exactly it was. Maybe they can help you over the phone. In any event, it should be pretty easy to do with your thumb and not require the force of your palm. If not, it should be serviced.
Thank you for the responses. I will be calling Krieghoff support and ask them about this.

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