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Dear AH Members,
We have a second cancellation hunt for 2020. Unfortunately, one of our AH member's wife fell very ill, and had to put his trip with us on hold.
These were two groups, occupying two PH's, one of them myself. Therefor, I am available to guide one of these hunts. Not sure if this is an incentive or a deterrent... :)
You will still be hitting the Kudu rut, as well as have access to some of the best Bushbuck areas in the country.
We have taken some incredible Kudu from this area this past season.

The original hunt was a 2x1 hunt for 10 hunting days, and we can offer this hunt at $175 per man per day as such. Should you wish to hunt 1x1, please enquire with us either through PM or direct email, and we will be happy to work on something for you.

Arrival date is scheduled for the 4th of June 2020, with departure date on 15th June 2020. Arrival day is slightly flexible, but would like to keep it as close as possible.
We could also accommodate a change to a 7 day hunt if this suits you better.

This hunt will take place from within our new area.

Outfitter: Marius Goosen T/A KMG Hunting Safaris
Outfitter number: HC 02/2019 EC
PH Number: PH 06/2019 EC
Area : Eastern Cape South Africa

Baboon --
$50 ( Bait)
Blesbuck, White--$450
Bushbuck, Eastern Cape--$650
Bushpig (bait or dogs)--$750
Duiker, Blue--$1,300
Duiker, Grey--$200
Fallow Deer --$475
Grysbuck, Cape --$1200
Hartebeest, Cape--$750
Jackal, Black Backed -- FREE
Kudu, Eastern Cape --
Kudu, Southern Greater -- $1500 ( Under 55" )
Lynx (Caracal over hounds) --$650
Ostrich-- $450
Reedbuck, Mountain--$450
Steenbuck-- $275
Springbuck, Common -- $300
Springbuck, White -- $750
Springbuck, Copper-- $900
Springbuck, Black-- $550
Warthog -- $300
Wildebeest, Black -- $750
Wildebeest, Blue - $750
Zebra, Burchells -- $850
Eland, Cape -- $2000
Lechwe, Kafue -- $2000
Reedbuck, Common -- $1,200
Rhebuck, Vaal-- $1400
Waterbuck -- $1600

Arrival and departure day free of charge.

Non-Hunter may be added at $150 per night.

Trophy fees on all package hunts with us, are only payable on wounded or successfully killed animals.

The following are included in your Safari:
All accommodation, food and beverages for the duration of the Safari (Beers and Wines Incl.)
Services of a licensed professional hunter, tracker and ground staff
Transport to and from the airport as well as all ground transport for the duration of the Safari
Field preparation of trophies and forwarding them to a taxidermist or shipping agent of your choice.
15% Government Tax on day rates.
Hunting License.
All Permits.

The following are excluded in your Safari:
Dipping, packaging or any processing of trophies
Shipping charges for your trophies to your own country.
All flights
Accommodation before and after your safari dates.

Take Care,
Marius Goosen

Some of the Kudu and Bushbuck taken from our new area during the 2019 season:

Please note that this is not the same Cancellation as the first one that we posted a few months back. These are completely different dates.

Hope that someone can snap this deal up.
$175 bucks a day!! Bargain! Someone is going to get an awesome hunt.

That new area really produces the goods as well. I'd go back just to visit with the awesome folks at the lodge again, too (y)
Marius, I hope all hunts get snatched up. I'm taking a couple years off from international travel.

Finishing my Tiny 10 is still priority.
Dear Members,
We now also have dates between 18 July -28 July 2020 come up for a cancellation. We will also offer this second cancellation dates at the same offer as this thread.

Please drop me a PM right here on the forum, or email me at
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Very nice Nyala. Amazing (dark) coat color and horn character on that second one. Am I correct that the area seems to produces quite a few dark coated Bushbuck as well?
(both seem to haunt my dreams)
Very nice Nyala. Amazing (dark) coat color and horn character on that second one. Am I correct that the area seems to produces quite a few dark coated Bushbuck as well?
(both seem to haunt my dreams)

Yes sir, it does.
The older Nyala bulls and older Bushbuck rams actually turn almost to a grey. We do see those dark chocolate rams every now and so often.

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