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Good day AH community!

We thought you would all care to read about the wonderful Kirstie Ennis and her hunting experience with us! It was wonderful to see her typing every night after a day of hunting to capture her memories. We think it is something we could all possibly strive to do so we don't forget our beautiful memories made in the outdoors! Kirstie is without question a role model and an incredible person and it was a privilege spending time with her in camp.

Here is the link to her story:

Here is the link to her foundation:

Kind regards,
Dempsey Bayly & Michael Sippel

Her are a few pics of her experience with us!

Day 1 Edited-7.jpg
Day 1 Edited-10.jpg
Day 1 Edited-13.jpg
Day 1 Edited-15(1).jpg
Day 1 Edited-19(1).jpg
Day 1 Edited-34.jpg
Day 1 Edited-40.jpg
Day 1 Edited-42.jpg
Day 1 Edited-51.jpg
Day 1 Edited-58(1).jpg
Day 2 Edited-6(1).jpg
Day 2 Edited-27(1).jpg
Day 2 Edited-28(1).jpg
Day 2 Edited-31.jpg
Day 2 Edited-32.jpg
Day 2 Edited-36.jpg
Day 3 Edited-29.jpg
Day 3 Edited-38.jpg
Day 3 Edited-44.jpg
Day 3 Edited-58.jpg
Day 3 Edited-64.jpg
Day 4 Edited-30.jpg
Day 4 Edited-41.jpg
Day 4 Edited-43.jpg
Day 4 Edited-48(1).jpg
Day 4 Edited-56.jpg
Day 4 Edited-61.jpg
Day 4 Edited-70.jpg
Day 4 Edited-71.jpg
Day 5 Edited-8.jpg
Day 5 Edited-13.jpg
Day 5 Edited-21.jpg
Day 5 Edited-33(1).jpg
Day 7 Edited-5.jpg
Nice, thanks for sharing!
The smiles say more than words can convey. thank you for sharing.
Some very nice pics and even better write up. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, what a nice hunt. Kristie is an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing!
Great write up and photos!
thats one very cool lady right there..

thanks for sharing!
A fantastic write-up. Ups, downs, elation and disappointment, everything a true hunt should be. It's the patience and perseverance that takes a hunting safari and turns it into an authentic experience.
Tough lady! I love the t-shirt...”USA made 100% vegan free”!
Thanks for sharing her story and pictures, I love the picture with the red sky in the background and the silhouette’s in the foreground, looks like a great hunting experience was had by all
I’ve been following Kristie on Facebook she is truly a amazing person that is a inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you for sharing this.
I have to know, did you feed her/did she eat crayons? Did she have a color preference? I prefer red! :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

To be serious, I am glad to hear of her recovery and her wonderful hunt with you good folks.

Semper Fidelis Kirstie!
thats one very cool lady right there..

thanks for sharing!
Absolutely! And a genuinely great person!

Kind regards,
Dempsey Bayly & Michael Sippel
Thanks for sharing and her write up was great. I'm glad she enjoyed herself
Its a pleasure! We had a great time in camp!

Kind regards,
Dempsey Bayly & Michael Sippel

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