Kentucky Elk

This is one of those draws (like sheep) where you hire a local guide. Once in lifetime hunt. I remember an article about a local guide a couple years ago
Congrats. Thats a hard tag to draw. Best decide first if you want to use a guide or DIY. Then go from there. Good luck.
They are only in Eastern Kentucky. Best look at the public land/ elk zone map and make a plan. I recommend a guide if you are from out of state. I have read about DIY hunts being difficult for these elk. Having grown up hunting in the area, I can see why. Poor land access, thick brush, difficult terrain, high pressure make for a challenge.

It’s not like western elk hunts. Glassing is hard because of the density of the forest. It’ll be more like hunting elk the way you’d hunt whitetail.

Good luck.
Good Luck, been trying to draw a tag for a while as well. Cant wait to hear about your hunt.
No advice but congratulations. I’m in Ohio and just learned about the Kentucky elk draw
Congrats on the tag! You're in for a wild ride, good luck.

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