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    Global Rescue’s GRID(TM), a new travel intelligence system, keeps members informed with real-time alerts on global events


    In an unpredictable world, it’s essential for travelers to be constantly aware of world events and potential threats to health and safety. To help Global Rescue members stay informed, we developed a new travel intelligence system called GRID. It’s a unique online resource, supported by teams of Global Rescue intelligence analysts, that provides detailed destination reports and real-time alerts of medical and security events around the world. The best part is that access to GRID is a benefit available to all Global Rescue members.

    To use GRID, Global Rescue members simply log in to the Global Rescue site ( and click the “Country Intelligence Reports” tab. (If you need your password, give us a call at 617-459-4200.)

    Here’s the complete list of important travel information GRID offers:

    Destinations – Detailed reports on countries of interest around the world.

    Events – Real-time information and alerts on global events.

    Country Risk Rating – Risk ratings on a scale from low to extreme.

    Security assessment – Security risk overviews and advice for staying safe.

    Health assessment – Health risks, travel health advice and required immunizations.

    Entry and exit requirements – Visa information and import and export restrictions.

    Important numbers – Country code, emergency numbers, and embassy contact information.

    One particularly helpful feature is the email alerts for any region or country. Members can set the alerts for events of any and all priority levels, from low to extreme, and from any and all category of event (environment, health, infrastructure, unrest, or violence). Busy travelers can sort their events into different profiles to best keep track of the information.

    Stay informed and travel safely!
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