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    Kamchatka. Even this single word makes the heart of a real trophy hunter beat stronger. The trophies of Moose, Bear and a rear Bighorn are the biggest in the wold here and fishing is amazingly resulting. And all this is framed with the severe beauty of the volcanic landscape and a charming smell of tundra.

    Even while landing at the airport you won’t be able to ear yourself off the bull’s-eye, a thin border between you and a magnificent sight of this kingdom of snow-clad volcanoes. It looks like a reign of the Snow Queen astonishing in its cold beauty and inaccessible in the icy glitter of the glaciers. The impression becomes stronger and deeper when you pass through the town, odd and alien to the scenery and start off with the helicopter to the place of your future hunt. In May, especially in fair weather you feel like drifting in the white-blue sea. Blinding snow smoothly covering mountain spurs and bright blue sky. And in autumn when the snow remains only atop of the mountains your eyes can sweep the endless expanses of tundra with an intricate river curves and steamy stains of hot springs. You should add smoking peaks of the active volcanoes and seething geyser valleys, ocean surf and sea tide to this picture and you’ll get only a small impression about the nature of the peninsula.

    You’ll get almost the same unforgettable impressions from the sight of Bighorns making their way to the inaccessible rocks, rams you have been stalking for five days, but couldn’t approach to the gunshot. But you will be glad with that as well because you’ll have a good reason to come in Kamchatka once more to plunge into this primeval atmosphere.

    The prevalent landscape here is tundra which is a difficult terrain for walking in spite of the absence of considerable overfull of altitudes. The main difficulties here are presented by a swampy territory, a large number of tussocks, bushes, a large number of small rivers and springs. For transportation through tundra we recommend you both high waterproof boots and waders for walking through the water obstacles.
    Mountains are not very high here, from 1.200 to 1.800 m, but they are rather steep, with considerable rocky sections and long taluses. Forests in which Moose hunt is done represent waterlogged willow and alder thicket among the knolls overgrown with larches and birches.

    Five of Ovis nivicola subspecies currently inhabit territory of Russia: Koriak Snow Sheep (O.n.koriakorum), Yakut Snow Sheep (O.n.lydekkeri), Okhotsk Snow Sheep (O.n.alleni ), Kamchatka Bighorn (Ovis nivicola) and Putoran Snow Sheep (O.n.borealis). Two of them currently inhabit the territory of Kamchatka Peninsula: Koriak Snow Sheep and Kamchatka Show Sheep.

    Kamchatka snow sheep is the biggest of snow sheep, it is dark colored and has massive horns. It inhabits the mountains of Kamchatka peninsula. Horn lengths vary from 85 cm to 105 cm (33 in – 40 in). Koriak Sheep differs in color and shape of horns. The hunt is done by stalking on foot from fly-camps. You have to be prepared for 250-300-yard shot. In our area there are many sheep and you can pick up an excellent trophy for yourself. The hunting camps in Kamchatka are very different in accommodation, ranging from comfortable wooden hunting houses to tent camps. Everything depends on the game, the period of hunt and of the time in advance your hunt was booked.

    BASIC TOUR PRICE: 14.000US$ per hunter including all service on hunt and one trophy of Kamchatka Bighorn any size:

    - airport service in Moscow and Kamchatka airports;
    - auto transfers in Moscow and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from airport to hotel and back;
    - transportation to the camp and back including helicopter;
    - booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;
    - full service on hunt on the base 1x1;
    - guides, cook and helpers in the camp;
    - interpreter;
    - all documents needed for a hunt;
    - accommodation and meals in hunting camp;
    - 1 KAMCHATKA SNOW SHEEP any size;
    - field trophy preparation and packing;
    - alcohol (limited quantity) and soft drinks.

    Basic tour price for non-hunter: 3000US$
    Refund if no trophy: 6000US$ on condition if in 2 weeks hunt the client has not seen any trophy size sheep.
    Group: 2 - 4 hunters in one camp.

    Hunting area: Central part of Kamchatka peninsula.
    Tour duration:
    14 days (Petropavlovsk/Petropavlovsk), 10 hunting days.
    Hunting season: August, 15 – October, 15.
    Best time August, 10 – September, 10.
    Accommodation: warm tents.
    Compulsory costs:
    • Hotel in Moscow, 1 night/pers
    • Additional hunting day for 1 hunter - 400US$
    • CITES for Wolf/Bear - 300US$
    • Air ticket Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Moscow
    • Surcharge if 1 hunter in group only - 2000US$
    • Additional helicopter flight, 1 hr - 2000US$

    Additional trophies :
    • 2-nd Snow Sheep - 6000US$
    • Bear - 5000US$
    • Giant Moose - 6000US$
    • Caribou - 2000 US$
    • Duck, fishing - free
    Wounded and lost animal – to be considered killed animal

    1 day - arrival in Petropavlovsk from Anchorage or from Moscow, airport procedures, transfer to the camp. 2-12 days - hunt for Bighorn. 13 day - transfer to Petropavlovsk from camp, night in the hotel. 14 day - depart home.
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    Great offer Igor! Kamchatka would definately be an adventure.

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