Just returned from first trip to Africa

Randy Hanson

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Jun 14, 2017
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Hello everyone!

My son and I just got back from our first safari to South Africa 3 weeks ago. We had an amazing time, I'm completely obsessed with Africa now and can't wait to go back! We've already penciled in dates for our next two trips and started planning!

Welcome to AH Randy:S Welcome: We all like hunt reports and would love to hear all about your trip!
Welcome aboard Randy! Please share some pics and a report!
Welcome, do start the write up. It helps you plan your future hunts better. Honest!
Welcome to AH! Glad to hear you are planning more trips!
Good to hear we have another addicted soul joining the community. Would love to see some pics and hear the stories.
Welcome sir! Look forward to hearing more about your past and future trips!
Congratulations on getting the fever! Where's a report and pictures?
Welcome to AH. Please share your story and pics with us in the very near future.
:S Welcome:

Judging by your avatar I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess you took a damn fine giraffe :D
Congrats on a great first trip and the planning of more to come.
Welcome to the club...Africa stays in your blood forever!!
Pics and stories to follow I presume?
Welcome to AH Randy! Nice to have you on the site.
Welcome to AH, looking forward to your hunt report!
Welcome to AH, I see you have contracted the African Hunting Virus, sorry to tell you this but there is no cure. You can lessen the severity of the symptoms by posting a report on AH. By posting the hunt report you also help others that are suffering through the same disease.
Welcome to AH !

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welcome to the forum.if you have any questions please feel free at any time .
Here is short video of blesbok hunt from yesterday

made it to camp yesterday afternoon! had a braai with some awesome T-bones ready to start hunting for sable today!
made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!