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Aug 15, 2017
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I just returned last week from my 1st Safari. A plains game hunt with Kuche Safaris in Limpopo District S.A. It was something I had dreamed about, read about, and studied for 25 years. The actual trip surpassed all expectations. I know now I'll be an addict from now on. Already planning my next trip.
Welcome to AH! And congratulations on your 1st safari! When you get a minute, how about sharing some pictures and a little report on your hunt? It would be great!
Welcome aboard and congrats! Based on your profile pic I'd say you did well!!!!!!!!!!!!! (y)

Now for some more pics please!
Welcome to AH MAdcox! Always nice to hear... Looking forward to reading more about your time in Africa!
I was invited on my 1st safari by my Uncle, who was returning for his 2nd hunt with Kuche Safaris. He took 4 of his family on our 1st ever African hunts. Due to having to manage 5 families schedules we went on a 5 day trip, I would recommend longer for your first hunt- end of the trip came way to soon for me. However, we had a wonderful time. The PH's and trackers were incredible, as well as the camp staff and all of Koos' outfit. From the airport and back we were in great hands.
We hunted north and west of Lephalale, S.A. and the amount of wildlife we saw and the trophies we took was above all my expectations. I started reading Capstick, Boddington, Ruarke, Bell, Sutherland, and anything else Africa when I was 10. The real thing surpassed all my expectations. Even with a shortened hunt we took wonderful trophies. My main goal was a good, representative, beautiful Kudu. The bull I got was more than I had ever hoped for.
Cannot wait to return.

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Nice trophies.
Have fun planning the return trip.
I agree 5 days is WAY to short.
Welcome and well done!!
Great trophies and pics. Tough you could only do a five day-er. Planning a second trip? Yep, you got it. You do realize there is known cure for Afrikitis? :D
Welcome and Congrats on the wonderful trophies.
Looks like some great animals for 5 days. I started with a 7 day hunt. Last time I hunted 3 areas and was in Africa for like 17 days. 10 hunting days is nice if you can do it. I also like splitting areas. Lots of fun to check out new areas and new animals. Congrats. Bruce
Welcome. That's a nice kudu.
Congrats on your hunt! Yeah your kudu is incredible, especially for your first trip! Enjoy the planning on getting back soon!
MAdcox, cherish your memories for a lifetime.
That Kudu is fantastic. What did he measure out at?
Welcome to AH, and congrats on those very nice trophies !

I had two hunts in this area.
That Kudu is fantastic. What did he measure out at?
Actually did not measure anything. I was afraid I might get caught up in chasing inches on my first trip. I'm sure I'll tape him when he gets in from the taxidermist, but until then I just like to study the photo and remember the hunt. But my 9 yr old was pumped that he had started his third curl. After looking at kudu pictures for months leading up to the hunt he decided he was an expert at field judging. ha ha.

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