Italian doubles?

I talked to the Rizzini representative at DSC this year. He said they had no double rifles to show, no rifles coming, and didn’t know if or when they would get any.
I had a SIACE double a few years ago in 45-70. Absolutely beautiful rifle with fine engraving and beautiful wood. Almost too pretty to take out in the field. The only problem was its weight, way too light.
I have a Rizzini DR in 470 NE and it is very accurate and well balanced. While the kick is more than my other double which is a 450/400 it is not unbearable to me. And when I have shot it in the field for my elephant and rhino hunts I did not even feel the kick. For the price it has been a good double fro me.
You NEVER feel it it the field…at the moment. It could be a double 4 bore. BUT, on the range…?
The big difference between my RIZZINI rhino express .416 Rigby DR and my 9.3x74R R.I.S.E DR?
I enjoy shooting the 9.3 and will take it to the range for FUN. The .416 gets SIGHTED IN. PERIOD.
(.416 since has been sold, but it is a quality firearm).
Give a look to F.lli Piotti
They produce very few pieces a year, absolutely top quality
Here is my personal experience with Rizzini double rifles. I had a new Rizzini 500 Nitro Express and the rifle kept doubling even with light practice loads. The forearm would also come off at times under recoil. The rifle had to be sent back to Rizzini USA twice and both times I was told it was "fixed" and that there was no way the rifle could double.

After the second repair attempt, the rifle doubled yet again so I sent it back a third time. This time, Rizzini USA gave the rifle and a box of Hornady ammo to one of its gunsmiths and said to shoot the entire box to see if it would double. On shots 17 and 18, the rifle doubled and broke the stock at the wrist. After Rizzini USA informed me of what happened, I decided Rizzini could keep the rifle. After doing extensive research, I went with Heym.
I love my Italian shotguns, any thoughts on Italian doubles rifles?
Yes. My first DR was a Rizzini 470 NE that weighed 9.3 pounds. While the craftsmanship was great it kicked the sh!t out of me so bad I sold it four weeks later. Just my experience
Merkel, Krieghoff or Heym is the way to..OR an older british boxlock..
The finish and fit mean nothing if the functionality is faulty. Double rifles generate incredibly high forces, especially the larger bores, so in my humble opinion a third lockup is mandatory. Then comes the precision machining to get those three points to contact simultaneously and that is no easy task. I know Heym has mastered it, and it works. I simply wouldn't take the risk in trying another, not just the financial risk, but an opening double is a potential safety disaster.
You know why divorces and double rifles are so expensive? Because they are worth it.
The right woman will never leave you if you bought a Heym or Kreighoff double rifle. If she does…she wasn’t the right woman.

I wouldn’t waste my time and money on a lesser double…or lesser woman for that matter.
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Perguni and Visini make a fabulous double rifle.
Another vote here.
A client in camp now with a 470, it is lovely, light and well balanced.
I have owned several Italian double 2 were Sabatti's, function well regulated. Both were sold or traded to get a better double. Pedersoli 9.3, it was a very functional double. the other two were a Siace 45/70 that is one of the nicest doubles I have ever owned. But the stock didn't fit me so I traded it. I regret doing that I should have just taken a rasp to the stock and made it fit and refinished the stock. The Next was a Rizzini 550 in 45/70, was well made and very well regulated. I wish I had kept it but it helped pay for my Krieghoff 500/416 so I can live with that.
@AZDAVE - A Krieghoff in 500/416NE is a beautiful thing. Smart move selling the Rizzini to move up.
Yes. My first DR was a Rizzini 470 NE that weighed 9.3 pounds. While the craftsmanship was great it kicked the sh!t out of me so bad I sold it four weeks later. Just my experience
I did my Rizzine Rhino express in .416 Rigby and it was a very serviceable firearm. Sold it due to age/hunt-style alteration.
The Rizzini DR .416 Rigby rhino express was a fine firearm. Since sold. Currently have the R.I.S.E. DR 9.3x74R. Also a winner and very reasonably priced.

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