Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife


I've followed and read through all this crap from the beginning. I researched and kept up with the Harris postings on this forum. At one time I was thinking of using him for some work. But even the posts of a few years ago had an "edge" to them I didn't care for. Luckily, I never used him. Even before his physical issues, he was showing odd behavior traits. At some point I usually give up trying to understand why certain people do things that defy simple logic or who exhibit irrational behavior. I believe there is and has been more to this story than can be explained by his most recent physical issues and impairment. I hope those who have missing items get it sorted out, but it doesn't look good. :( Unfortunately, taxidermy seems to attract some odd practitioners. This story of a taxidermist gone wacky/MIA is by no means unique. I lost a cape and head to one a long time ago. Again, lucky in that it was not a particularly great or meaningful trophy and IIRC my deposit at that time was fairly small. Looking back, I consider that a very inexpensive education.

Actually talked to him on the phone. All his work at the time was extremely clean. His prices were not bad, the same as any good shop that are known for good work. Purchase a bison rug he had for sale. It never shipped, was able to get my money back pretty quickly. Had a feeling after that I was no longer comfortable with him. I feel fortunate I did not pursue any more business after that.
What a train wreck this guy is

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Also, more pics of female #2(black ticked). Thanks, Neil
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Could you send me some more pics of the Dam(weight?) and Sire, front rear and side pics., looking for a smaller female, with ticking. thanks Don
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Please let me know the status of the Sako 500J, thanks again
2 more jackal , one was a big male!

We had another bushfire on a neighbours place we need some summer rain!