Is civil war possible in America

For those scratching their noodle....
When all heck breaks loose I will just head to the swamps. Lol.
my .308 and night vision should allow my survival for quite a while.
When all heck breaks loose I will just head to the swamps. Lol.
my .308 and night vision should allow my survival for quite a while.

I went far too long without investing in night vision and thermal, the last several months has caused to me fix that oversight.
When all heck breaks loose I will just head to the swamps. Lol.
my .308 and night vision should allow my survival for quite a while.

Don't forget your toilet paper.
Biggest problem is the media .... inciting violence and praising it ...Also manipulating reports to suit the Liberal /Socialist narative .
Watching TV, I may have to make an upward adjustment.
I really wish law enforcement would all call in sick for one one week! It would give all these social justice warriors a whole new outlook on life when nobody will come to rescue their pansy ass when their door gets kicked in during the night. I will bet a pound of gold that their love everyone attitude changes real quickly at that moment and they would do anything for a cop or even one of us heathen neighbors with a gun.
Please pardon me for having a say from a non-American, but I watch the politics of your incredibly beautiful country with fascination and maybe a different perspective would be useful. You are a very diverse country, everyone can have a viewpoint and express it. Thats almost unique in the world and the first ingredient of what you are seeing now. Second ingredient is social media and its ability to link people of like views, and give them vent. So it is like a pot of little zones of different ingredients that have all been existing next to each other. The third ingredient - along comes Donald Trump who stirs the pot vigorously, and a few other catalysts like George Floyd, and the whole pot mixes and bubbles. Little puffs of steam let off all over the place. Ironically, this is not war in the making, this is pressure release! All societies need it, but few are designed to facilitate it as well as yours is. What happens next is going to surprise you, just in my opinion of course, but it is happening right now for all to see. The voice of reason will consolidate, blacks, white, Hispanic, whoever, and counter the craziness. Its a new alliance of sensibility, the solid foundation of the stable nation. Of course the fringes will still be there, venting their frustrations, looting, burning, but really it is fairly minor and it will spend itself.
In summary, the reason there won't be a civil war is because the momentum gets relieved an spent in your system well before the critical mass is reached. Perhaps some new parties will be formed, like the Socialists, the Anarchists etc for the fringes to find a club to cling to and express themselves.
Was the stirring of the pot good? In my humble opinion it was indeed, and necessary. Watch things settle down domestically as the USA faces the really big global challenges that are on the horizon.
I read an interesting piece on this: When the protesters go after Arlington, that's the spark. Then it's all "Americans" versus the anti-Americans.
Red Leg I hope you are correct but I feel not. Every great civilization lasts about 400 + years as you said. However they go through five stages. I believe the west has just entered it's fifth stage. Arts and humanity take precedence over defence and proper economy. Enemies are invited in, look at what group runs education systems -socialists. And so it goes.
It would be hard to believe the pansies and trans-whatevers in this country would make much of an uprising compared to the U.S. government response. They just want to vent on Facebook lol. I'm more worried about other countries taking advantage of out obvious weaknesses. Other countries aren't getting quite as soft as ours is . Just my two cents lol
red leg,you have a way with words,nice style.
In many ways, in the shadows of the turn of the century, it seems the New World is becoming the Old World, and we are struggling with economic and political and societal change at a time when we lack a common narrative. The rise of social media and the Internet has deprived us of a common narrative that we have always relied upon to understand ourselves. Our media, which once reported the facts without fear or favor, has often been degraded into an opinion press similar to what characterizes much of Europe. The rise of the Left is due to the rise of the Right, and vice versa. We can only hope that someone will rise up, and accept the horrible burden, of showing America that which unites it, rather than divides it. So much of what transpires these days is little more than cheap little politicians playing to the cheap seats. None of this plays well overseas. I have been rather pointedly advised in many different countries that America’s time has come, and it is going. They point to all of the issues pointed to in this particular thread and elsewhere. It is hard to argue with that which is so well known, but I get great satisfaction reminding those people that all of the chaos, and fast-food mindset that now defines much of our country, will burn away in an instance if push comes to a true diplomatic shove. Democracy is chaotic. Our laws are predicated on disagreement and debate. America is the greatest nation in the history of the world, and it always will be.
With one's every move, location, history and economic standing not hidden and privacy gone, I find it hard to see how a shooting civil war would play out. It would depend on who holds the keys to the airwaves and internet. Having said that, we probably are having a civil war now, only it's being fought on the battlefield of technology.

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