IPHA - International Professional Hunters Association

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    IPHA - International Professional Hunters Association
    by Paula McGehee


    The International Professional Hunters Association (IPHA), one of the oldest such organizations of its kind in the world, was born out of a get-together in France in 1967, where it was agreed that an international association should be established to give professional hunters a voice worldwide. Involved in this first meeting were Baron Alexis von Goldschmidt-Rothschild, Francois Edmond-Blanc, Bertrand des Clers and Harry Tennison. Subsequently, at an international gathering in Monte Carlo in 1968, the idea was discussed further as it had become apparent that such an international association to represent professional hunters was needed. It was agreed that the new association should be built around and have a similar structure, bylaws and constitution as the East African Professional Hunters Association. IPHA was subsequently established in 1969. It maintains its secretariat in Texas for its four hundred members from some thirty-one countries around the world. The mission of IPHA and its worldwide members is to advise, educate and facilitate public enjoyment of the natural world. IPHA embraces sound conservation practices, sustained utilization of renewable resources, access to public lands and ethical hunting practices. IPHA is pledged by its bylaws to insure the highest level of professionalism and integrity to the benefit of recreational sport hunters and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

    Eduardo de Araoz, the new President, was elected at IPHA's 2005 AGM. He is a member of IPHA since 1993 and was a founder member of MUNDICAZA a Spanish safari consultancy and now owns CAZATUR operating from Madrid, Spain. Eduardo has committed himself to making IPHA a larger, stronger and more effective association by establishing ties with other associations and clubs in international hunting.

    For details about IPHA International Professional Hunters Association go to www.InternationalProHunters.com
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