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    I am currently looking for an investor to assist with the growth of my company . Sidudhla Safaris is a Zimbabwean based company that sells hunts for a number of Hunting operators in Zimbabwe. In addition the company runs a supply business and a game meat processing business that has been succesful over the past few years. There is however scope for expansion and as such Sidudhla is seeking investors to grow the business.

    This is a great opportunity to become involved with a top notch, well respected,family run business which will provide excellent returns as well as opportunities to access discounted hunts and even free hunting under the game management program.

    A 50% shareholding in the new project will cost as little as USD35,000 with a garanteed minimum return of 20% per annum. In addition, Sidudhla is prepared to offer an investor a free Cape Buffalo hunt (10 days) with a top operator as part of the investor return.

    Should you wish to know more, please contact for more information and we will send you a project proposal.

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