Indigenous Game Species and their Natural Distribution in Namibia

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    Indigenous Game Species and their Natural Distribution in Namibia

    1 African elephant northern Namibia CITES II
    2 Black rhinoceros northern and western Namibia CITES I
    3 Hippopotamus Caprivi CITES II
    4 Cape buffalo Caprivi
    5 Giraffe northern Namibia
    6 Hartmann's mountain zebra CITES II
    7 Burchell's zebra northern Namibia
    8 Greater kudu throughout the country, except the Namib Desert
    9 Gemsbok widely distributed throughout the country
    10 Sable antelope Caprivi
    11 Roan antelope Kavango and Caprivi
    12 Cape hartebeest mainly eastern Namibia
    13 Blue wildebeest patchy distribution in northern Namibia
    14 Cape eland northern Namibia
    15 Tsessebe Kavango and Caprivi
    16 Puku Caprivi
    17 Common reedbuck Caprivi
    18 Sitatunga Caprivi
    19 Waterbuck Caprivi
    20 Springbok mainly southern and western Namibia, but patchy distribution elsewhere
    21 Southern impala Caprivi
    22 Black-faced impala north-western areas CITES
    23 Red lechwe Caprivi CITES II
    24 Chobe bushbuck Caprivi
    25 Steenbok throughout the country
    26 Common duiker throughout the country, except desert regions
    27 Klipspringer patchy distribution in mountainous areas
    28 Damara dik-dik northern and north-western areas
    29 Oribi Caprivi
    30 Sharpe's grysbok Caprivi
    31 Warthog widely distributed in northern and eastern parts
    32 Bushpig Caprivi
    33 Lion northern Namibia
    34 Leopard throughout the country, except Namib proper CITES I
    35 Cheetah central and northern Namibia CITES I
    36 Caracal throughout the country, except Namib proper CITES II
    37 Spotted hyaena mainly north-eastern parts
    38 Brown hyaena western desert regions and north-east
    39 African wild dog north-east
    40 Black-backed jackal throughout the country
    41 Side-striped jackal far north-eastern areas
    42 Cape fox sandy parts of eastern Namibia
    43 Crocodile northern perennial rivers CITES I
    44 Chacma baboon virtually throughout the country CITES II
    45 White rhinoceros only in parks and reserves CITES I
    46 Small spotted cat central and southern Namibia CITES I

    Please note that some of these species are fully protected, such as African wild dog and brown hyaena.

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