In memoriam - Eric "Bwana" Balson Passes Away

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    Another one of the "old timers" has gone.

    Having been out of the country I am way behind on my email but just found his obituary.

    Bwana Balson was our game warden in southern Tanzania in the late 1960's. He was a great hunter and conservationist. He wrote two books that were published by Safari Press. The first book tells how the second largest elephant (Rowland Ward) was taken.

    On Safari With Bwana Game - Trade Edition: Eric Balson: Books

    More Safari With Bwana Game, (Ltd, L)-Safari Press

    After leaving as head of anti-poaching in Tanzania in 1971, he wrote another book that named all the names involved in the elephant and rhino trade in Tanzania and Kenya. No publisher would publish it unless he removed the politically sensitive names (all the names were politically sensitive) He refused. Sadly it will be lost to history.

    The hunting community, nature and wildlife have lost a friend.

    Tu ta onana tena mzee.

    BALSON, Eric Walter
    Wednesday, 05 March 2014 10:13 Jay S |

    Eric Balson

    Eric Walter Balson was born in Nairobi Kenya on August 22nd, 1930. Eric's early working years were spent as a surveyor for the adventurer/explorer Col. Ewart Grogan in Kenya and Uganda. (Grogan, from 1897 to 1900 walked from Cape to Cairo to prove his had 'prospects' in order to marry his love Gertrude). Eric then went to Tanganyika working for the British Overseas Service in Tanganyika with the Water Development and Irrigation Department (WD&ID) designing and constructing Dams. There he married Viva and had three sons: Alan, Steven and Kenneth. In 1962 he transferred to the Game Department and became Chief Game Warden. Eric was one of the pioneers of anti-poaching in now Tanzania. In 1970, Eric was awarded Conservationist of the Year for his anti-poaching work by Muzuri Safari Club of San Francisco. In 1972 he moved his family to Zambia. Eric started a National Park with Wildlife Conservation International in the Lower Zambezi from scratch, now known as the Zambezi National Park - doing well to this day! He moved on to Botswana Game Industries before being offered a post with the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations working as an advisor in Nepal in the Terrai Valley of Chitwan National Park. He transferred to Papua New Guinea, still with U.N. where he managed a Crocodile Project. In 1981 Eric moved to the private sector running a Game Farm in Namibia, and then managed a Game Reserve in Mozambique. He retired to Canada in 1994, and settled in Linden Alberta. Eric worked for Monsanto on a hog farm, and later became curator of the animal exhibit at the Museum in Sundre. He also arranged and conducted Wildlife Tours to Tanzania National Parks until his final year. Eric was a collector of art and artifacts and wrote two books of his wildlife years (available in Sundre Museum). He spoke much of his favourite recurring client Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. He enjoyed bow hunting, and his annual stint of carp fishing in Saskatchewan. Eric and Viva were married 58 years. Son Kenneth passed away of cancer in Copenhagen on May 28th, 2013. Eric passed away in Three Hills Hospital February 22nd 2014. Rest in Peace - Bwana. Condolences may be sent to Eric's wishes were that no service be held.

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    I read his first book and enjoyed it.


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