If you could only do one, or one more safari

I spent two weeks in the Okavango in 1991 hunting out of 2 different camps, on foot and makoro. I think I could do that again for even longer.
But I would have to go back in time to do it, things have changed there.
As we get older our ambitions are more than our capabilities will allow. My brain tells my body I can do shit that I used to do 30 year ago but my body objects to it.
Sometimes the brain wins and the body suffers while the brain laughs and says got you again you silly old bastard.
That's how it is for me anywho.
No idea who I’d hunt with. But there would be a Cape buffalo involved. A double rifle in .470 NE (I don’t have one I just want one) and I’d be headed to the Caprivi Strip. Figure I’d plan a full 2 weeks.

If time allowed adding some plains game with my Ruger M77 II in .300 win mag.

This is actually my unofficial plan for my mid life crisis which should be due in about 6 years.
My wife said my Namibia hunt was to fill my mid life crisis dream. I told her don't be silly I'm 60 and I ain't going to live to 120.
It was to fulfil my dream.
My wife said my Namibia hunt was to fill my mid life crisis dream. I told her don't be silly I'm 60 and I ain't going to live to 120.
It was to fulfil my dream.
I’ll be 40 in 6 years so I figure that’ll be a good time for a buff hunt and a double rifle. At least it’s not a sports car or worse!
Where? Probably not Africa but anywhere that the government doesn't think I'm a rich American cow with a big bank account who needs to be milked, nor someplace a white man needs to take a handful of pills every day to keep from getting cooties. If just permethrin soaked clothing doesn't work 100%, don't want to be there.
With whom? Someone who's been born where we hunt, knows the area intimately, has intelligence but guts too.
Hunt What? Anything that is legal. Not thrilled about ending up like a certain dentist.
Rifle/Cartridge? Pick one but define the specific mission, use the tool to suit.
Come to Australia them mate. We fulfil your needs and have game from sabre tooth field mouse to water buffalo including the mighty sambar.

You can dine on exquisite Australian fare like meat pies and ketchup, Vegemite sandwiches and wash it down with Bundy rum.

We can even do you our famous 7 course baked dinner. A can of baked beans and a 6 pack of beer

Prices are reasonable for even non well heeled a-merry-cans.

The bonus is we don't have a deer season it's all year round and you could leave your cold arse winter to hunt bantang, buffalo and pigs as well as shit hot fishing.

Just be careful we also have 10 of the world's most venomous snakes, crocodiles, big birds that will kick the shit out of you and disembowel you if cornered. Our cute kangaroos ain't so cute if you piss them of. They will belt you better than Mike Tyson and Mohomad Ali as well as disembowel you.

WARNING sabre tooth field mice get really pissed of if shot with a 243 so bring a minimum of 25 cal up to 700/50BMG for hunting.
Apart from those minor things Australia is a safe place.
Looking forward to you hunting our great country

Good friend in Zim took this a couple hours ago.
Never get tired ( I guess I do) of tracking these guys.

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