If you could only do one, or one more safari

No idea who I’d hunt with. But there would be a Cape buffalo involved. A double rifle in .470 NE (I don’t have one I just want one) and I’d be headed to the Caprivi Strip. Figure I’d plan a full 2 weeks.

If time allowed adding some plains game with my Ruger M77 II in .300 win mag.

This is actually my unofficial plan for my mid life crisis which should be due in about 6 years.
Supposedly we are talking where money is no object. And all is possible
Cape buffalo
Bongo in the congo
Forest buff
Forest ele
Impala(all varieties)
Wildebeest (all coats blue and black)
Blessbuck (all coats)
Thompson gazelle
Gerenuk aka giraffe gazelle
Grants gazelle
Scimitar and arabian oryx also if they would be somewhere legal and possible to hunt

And supposedly have enough room to make em all shoulder mounts
This is just at the top of my head what i would want to hunt but there is probably more animals that would make the list just can't think up of them at this point
Rifle wise certainly a classic H&h WR or Rigby in either 375h&h or 416rigby to keep it classic custom made rifle of course with some nice engravings
Locations oof welp again counting on the money is no object factor Caprivi strip, Tanzania, South Africa and maybe Mozambique or Zim or Zambia and Congo and central Africa in general for the jungle animals maybe Kenya too if we are talking ideal scenario where I can hunt everywhere
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Money available: 6 weeks+ in CAR/Cameroon chasing Bongo, LDE, Lion, Savanna Buffalo, Roan, and if possible forest elephant…yeah, it would be expensive if not impossible (multiple licenses, locations).

All hunted with 1 gun, in 100+ degree heat.

More likely: Zimbabwe elephant hunt with a buffalo add on.
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While we’re dreaming here, I would make a swing through the 4 outfitters (1in Mozambique and 3 in RSA)I’ve hunted with before and spend 8 days with each hunting animals I haven’t hunted with them yet and then make a swing after LDE and bongo in central Africa and finish out with a swing through Uganda and Ethiopia, looking for all of the spiral horns and as many of the duikers, dik-diks and other Pygmy antelope I could find, probably would take about 50 days or so.
I know I’ve already replied once but I could also see myself being quite happy with a safari to Uganda for buffalo and the various bushbucks that are found there as well as other PG species found there. This is a difficult topic to ponder. There is so much of Africa that I hope to be able to hunt at some point. This is a good thought provoking activity.
I’m sure this topic has already been discussed at length but what would you choose if you could only do one safari for those that haven’t been, or one more safari for those that have?
Where would you go?
Who would you hunt with?
What would you hunt?
What rifle/cartridge would you use?
Well I'm headed to Zambia again next June for leo, croc, hyena, maybe another buffalo and kudu.

But my dream safari would be Tanzania
Buffalo, Leopard, Croc, Sable other plains game
375 H&H and 30.06 or 300wm or 300 wsm
To everyone saying lord derby eland and Cameroon, don’t put off going. You look at countries in the region Chad, CAR, Benin, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Niger and realize Cameroon will not be stable forever. Don’t put off going, I don’t think it will be available in the near future. If you see Cameroon you’ll understand more clearly. A lord derby eland is probably the greatest trophy you can take in Africa at the moment.

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