Iconic Africa- to me

elephants were moving today

There were elephants at 3 different pans at the same time all over different areas of southern Africa !

All of that, @Kevin Peacocke , and a campfire with friends, good brai, and even a night at the Tin Roof in Harare or Banff in Bulawayo reconnecting with dear friends.

It's pretty hard to put the entire experience into a few moments, but it involves nature, brotherhood, travel, and so much more.
I had lunch at the Tin Roof in Harare just the other day! The Peri Peri chicken livers and a cold Zambezi at the Tin Roof is a great way to wrap up a trip to Zim!
Spicy chicken on the beach at Lorenzo marques

The smell of Maize beer in the bush

The shout of ''firewood' down the street

sacks of charcoal of the side of the road

Washboard roads and pot holes

Dirt tracks on the sides of useless Chinese blacktop

Coke a cola signs in the deepest part of the bush

David Beckham t shirts

The bark of crock, grunt of hippo and whine of that bloody mosquito at night

Above all else - the sly, yet bovine, look of the policeman, customs man, immigration man, car insurance man, toll road man with his hand out !
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For me iconic Africa is the dry brown time, haze, dust, flat top acacias and delicious smells.
You bring up an interesting thought.. what is iconic Africa?

I have been blessed to visit many African countries, sometimes for long periods of time. And sometimes over the campfire someone will ask me, what is your favorite African country?

Many times while wandering the great continent I see a a view of what iconic Africa is to me, and funny enough, it changes often.

The Masai Mara after the rains, The OP pic of Elephant with the great Kilima Njaro in the background, the dusty Namibian outback, the misty forests of Rwanda Burundi, the darkness of the Congo, the hustle and bustle of the streets of Mombasa, the great colonial hotels of east Africa, the Bushman people, proud Masai, and Turkana ! Seems iconic Africa is a plethora of sensations, smells, visual and emotional feelings all tied back to books we have read, Disneys wild Kingdom, movies like Snows of Kilimanjaro or other things that taught us what Africa should be.

All of us have a love for Africa, and suprisingly many people have visited many times to one location, spread out and take in what this continent has to offer.
Old border sign between South Africa and Namibia..pre 1918..


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