Ibex hunt End of February 2013 Yssik-Kul Kyrgyzstan


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Nov 11, 2009
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WARNING: ibexhunter (aka Igor Kantsev (Germany) and profyhunter) of Extrem Tours and Hunting Club Taiga who is also affiliated with Adilet Ulukmanov (Kyrgyzstan) and Aska-Tur, has been banned from AfricaHunting.com.

We have good offer for ibex hunt End of February -4500USD for one ore two hunters.

PRICE from Bishkek:
10-days trip, 7-days hunt including one ibex regardless of size
Refund if no opportunity for ibex USD 2000,-

Costs include: services of an experienced guide; transportation to the hunting area and
return; transportation in the hunting area (jeeps, horses) accommodation and meals in the
hunting camp; services of interpreter.

Non-hunter USD 1000,-

Additional trophy fees:
Second ibex USD2000
Wolf - free,-
Wounded and lost animal no refund!

1. Flights
3. Shipment of trophies
4. Tips
5. Hotels in Bishkek

Costs exclude:
hotel before and after the hunt; meals and alcoholic beverages in Bishkek or
other international gateway; alcoholic and carbonated beverages; items of a personal

The last hunters in the same area come back home 20th January Neils and Vince from Texas:




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Can the Marco Polo be hunted during this same trip??
Did the group of hunters who posted their negative trip results here ever receive their trophies? Also what's up with another outfitter claiming you are using their photos for marketing? When it comes to international travel to a country with known corruption these red flags that keep popping up are certainly not a good thing!
Do You have pictures of your base camp and fly camp if one is going to be used? I'm also curious if any of the issues that CGswimmer25 has mentioned have been resolved? I also remember sometime ago a hunter (Slovakia or Spain I think he was from) posting on here about a negative experience with you. I'm also a little curious about that. Not starting another flame on your threads...I think it would be useful for potential customers to know the end results of not only your successful hunts but of these complaints as well.
i read these posts looks like a great hunt but with so much negative posts i would no go near this ... im not judging the outfitter im just saying be careful ... cheers
Take any Kyrgyzstan offers with a pinch of salt. We ( two South Africans) did a trip 3 years ago with a "reputable" outfitter that was based half the year in Germany (off-season) and half in Kygyzstan. Trip turned out a complete flop. Seriously under equipped, huge areas ( I mean MASSIVE!) devoid of game . Organisation was very poor and at one stage the guides tried to get shots off before one of us could get a cross-hair on an Ibex! You can ride for 6-7 hours daily and see nothing other than a lonesome Lammergeier. I believe some areas are very good fro Ibex, but I think its a hit and miss place to go. And yes, it a very corrupt country. As far as scenery goes....10/10.
You have a better shot at an Ibex at Disneyland. Plus the rides will be more fun!

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