I’m a dad!

The Boss has Arrived, Congrats
Congratulations, after five kids, one daughter and four grown boys I have to say it’s a wonderful life. Of course they are all on their own and self sufficient. Not much better than family.
I have 3 girls between 12 and 5. Your life is going to change in ways you haven't even thought of yet. But mostly in the best possible ways. Warmest congratulations.
Congratulations brother. There is no greater feeling or joy as having a baby girl. God bless you guys!
Congrats!! Don't worry about her first rifle, get her a lifetime hunting/fishing license NOW!!! Best investment you'll ever make.
Bet you'll be buying her first rifle soon ...

How do you mean „soon”. You really ought to get your tenses right. The correct expression is “How nice of you to have bought her a rifle already ;-)”
Congratulations, and girls are the best! (I have two). While we all waste way too much time and money on these hobbies of ours, the day that you had today is what really counts. Enjoy these days! :)
Congrats! Please get her to be a hunter if you can! On another note, it will be great when she’s about 3 years old and when you get home, she runs to you saying, “Daddy, you’re home!” and then gives your leg a hug!
Congratulations Jakub and "family".
We look forward to hearing about her future adventures and yours of course.
I have one boy and one girl. Both adults now.
There is a special bond between fathers and daughters because you get to treat them like a Princess.

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