Hunting with Really REALLY BIG BORES

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    So now that I have my 577NE, Im starting to ponder the bigger stuff. Im thinking 8 or maybe 4 Bore Cartridge guns and even a 2 Bore muzzle loader. Now clearly modern smokeless cartridges are more powerful than the older loads, and really a 375 H&H will handle most situations--and when it wont a 470NE will; but theres just something about the Bore guns.

    Now that I have my 577NE I dont feel the calling for a 600NE and the 700 never really interested me; but Wow! a 4 BORE, thats something different and well a 2 BORE is just, well its just....

    So if I did jump into the "BORES", what could a reasonably expect to hunt with them? Yeah I know Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, and Buff. Of those Im pretty much limited to Buffalo, Hippo, and maybe Elephant from a financial point. As for the guns a single shot 4 Bore isnt too expensive, and muzzle loaders are almost cheap by comparison (especially if you consider the 72 caliber Pedersoli Double).

    I like to hunt close anyway, (my long range days are long gone), so the reduced range of the BOREs isnt a issue for me, neither is having a PH backing me up with his own modern rifle. In truth the likelihood of me buying a 8 or 4 Bore cartridge gun is small, compared to a muzzle loader.

    So if I do make the leap to the big muzzle loaders, whats a good selection of game to put on the list? Can I add Lion to the list?
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    I have a 4 bore muzzle antique and deactivated, exactly the same as FC Selous used. And why the African carry was weighs around 20 lbs+! It was taken from a poacher in 1965 in the Gona re Zhou game reserve in Zimbabwe. He was actually using it! The 1 pic shows on the shelf it happens, a .460 Wby Mag cartridge, a 500NE cartridge and a coupla .577 cases. Also the book second from right is a first edition print of FC Selous's "A hunters wanderings in Africa"! View attachment 14223 View attachment 14224 The 4 bores inside barrel dia is 24mm! Second pic!
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    Well you should be able to hunt anything with your .577 (lol). It's really up to you! I think it would make cow elephant, hippo and cape buffalo hunting interesting.

    I think a cull hunt in the wilderness of Australia is in order!!!! Go buffalo hunting there!

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