Hunting with no end game…

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    Hunting with no end game…

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    Hunters love hunting – we get it! In many cases, it is an obsession – we get it! Every facet of a hunt is planned, looked forward to, and savored – we get it! However, when the hunt is over, there is a huge vacancy regarding what to do with the trophies and this we don’t get. Considering the time and money that goes into a big game hunting trip, it is remarkable top me that there is no end game regarding the final status of the trophy.

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    What happens by default is many of the animals are left unmounted, cut down to European mounts, or mounted and then stuffed into some opening with no real thought regarding the presentation. The irony is that instead of a hunter pausing and planning for an end game – a trophy room – they compulsively book the next hunt, and in many cases next several hunts! I believe there is some kind of mental denial that says, “the important thing is I shoot the animal and someplace, somehow, someway, I will find a place to display it.” Of course, that seldom happens. In some cases there simply isn’t room; but in most cases there is a barrier that says, “I don’t want to spend this much money or cross into this great unknown.”

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    The truth is the building for a trophy room is one of the most inexpensive that can be imagined. It should be nothing more than a shell. Virtually no architectural features are necessary so that the interior of the building can be designed and the space can be maximized to its fullest for the introduction of future trophies. Those who have crossed this bridge find their hunting so much more rewarding in that even before they leave they know where their trophies will be displayed. I have clients who have significant trophies in storage units that have been there for years on the supposition that, “one day I am going to build that trophy room…” Yet there they will be at the next convention lining up to book an additional hunt.

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    To me it is a tragic loss of a significant part of the hunt, by not having a place to stand back and view it properly. There is no limit to the creative options available; such as warehouses, airplane hangers, detached garages, former workshops, even old barns! Metal buildings in particular may serve wonderfully as trophy rooms. After thirty years of dedication to the industry I will continue to advise every client who comes through the door to deeply consider their end game, and never be the hunter who forgets the majesty of the hunt.
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    I do look at my house and think about what will look good, or be agreeable to my wife. But, the idea of a proper room for trophies, perhaps blended with a proper gun room, is such a great idea. The most difficult aspect is space.m to build it!
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