Hunting Special Package Namibia Including Skeleton Coast Tour

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    2019/2020 10 Day Hunting Special Package Namibia Including Skeleton Coast Tour

    Skeleton Coast Tour for 3 days/2 nights
    “three day loop” tour • drive through Namib Desert to the coast • Swakopmund, Cape Cross, Cape Fur Seal breeding colony, Hentiesbaai, Walvis Bay • quad biking the sand dunes, camel

    Hunting 1x1 for 5 days/4 nights
    5 days hunting per hunter on private hunting area, services of a licensed professional hunter, lodging, meals, soft drinks, complete camp staff, daily laundry, field care of trophies, hunting permit, and hunting vehicle

    Animals Available On 5 Day Package
    Kudu US$2,000 • Oryx US$700 • Mountain Zebra US$1,100 • Springbok US$590 • Warthog US$500 • Red Hartebeest US$700 • Steenbok/Duiker US$400

    Etosha National Park Day Tour
    great game reserve • exceptional animal sightings • located 100 miles away • ideal for a day tour

    Price for 1 Person US$ 4,200
    Price for 2 People Sharing US$ 3,200 each
    Price for 3 People Sharing US$ 2,500 each
    Price for 4 People Sharing US$ 1,800 each

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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