Hunting Safari on Foot in Cameroon Rain Forest

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    I also wanted to mention for the more adventourous, we have an area that is great for elephant, buffalo, sitatunga, giant forest hog and duikers. It is in southeast corner of Cameroon. You can drive from Douala in a day. We have a very comfortable main camp for your arrival. Then from there it is foot safari as it is virgin rainforest and there are only elephant trails and NO roads, the only road is to camp which is on the edge of the concession.

    The price is 25,000usd and the same charges from previous post for license, dip and pack, airport formalities, trophy fees as per trophy list,

    Let me reiterate this is a Foot Safari. The chances of sucess are great... but a tough go. All equipment and food will be portered and will have 3 to 4 trackers and up to 6 or 8 porters. Safari is 14 day with 12 hunting days. We have taken ele and buff and smaller species, very few Bongo. Please feel free to contact me by email or my US cell # 530.386.3729. Thanks

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