Hunting Mexico, Central and South America question?

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    When you hunt deer or predators in any of these 3 places would you need any type of calls? Or can you use electronic calls? Or do you hunt by stalking? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I all depends on the species and the terrain you hunt, Mexico is a big country having desert areas in the north west and jungle in the caribean south, we have 14 dierent species o deer most of them are hunted in very different surroudings, were broket type deer in the southern jungle are hunted in a machan or blind, the desert deer of the north (mule deer) are stalked predominantely, in the central american countries the laws are very diferent regarding hunting licenses and predators are of the spot coat type and mostly all are protected, same in mexico, you can find jaguar as the apex predator in Mexico north east and all the southern states as well as guatemala, belice, nicaraga, costarica, honduras just to name central america, but they are no longer a game animal, for coyotes and bob cats we use the same techniques as in USA ( electronic and mouth calls), we also have puma but licenses are very few and mostly is protected in Mexico. Black bear is coming back to huntable numbers in Mexico but is still prety much protected only allowing a hand full o tags.
    Hope this helps.

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