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    WARNING: ibexhunter (aka Igor Kantsev (Germany) and profyhunter) of Extrem Tours and Hunting Club Taiga who is also affiliated with Adilet Ulukmanov (Kyrgyzstan) and Aska-Tur, has been banned from

    In January and February wie provide the hunt for Lynx and Wolf in two hunting areas :
    Thouth Karelien (Petrozavodsk) or in Noth Sankt-Petersburg distrikt.
    Arrangement of hunt for Lynx:
    8-days trip / 6 days of hunt St.Petersburg/St-Petersburg, providing of the hunt, all transfers in hunting area, accommodation, meals, field preparation of the trophies,
    one Lynx trophy.


    Trophy : Lynx, Wolf
    Chance: Wolf - 50% Lynx - 90%
    Hunting area: Karelien or Sankt Petersburg
    Accommodation: wooden house
    Hunting season: 01 January – 28 February
    Your Itinerary:

    Day 1: Arrival in St.Petersburg,
    and transfer by car in hunting area 300-600km.

    Day 2-7: Lynx hunting with dogs

    Days 8: Transfer to airport St.Petersburg

    Additional trophies:
    - 2nd Lynx: € 2500
    - Wolf: € 600
    - Bear:
    * weight up to 160 kg: € 1800
    * weight over 150 kg: € 2000
    - Capercailzie: € 200

    Cost of the tour for observer (non-hunter) - € 500
    Refund in case of non-shot of Lynx - € 2000
    Booking of the tour for hunter - 50%

    Price Excludes:
    - Nights and services out of the hunting area
    - CITES permission for Lynx, Bear, Wolf trophy: € 250
    - Cost of additional trophies
    - Additional day of hunt, per hunter € 150
    - Rent of gun (per gun/in a day): € 0
    - Items of personal nature
    - Transfer by car from St.Petersburg (400km) per grope: € 200
    - Alcohol
    - Excursions
    - Shipment of Trophy



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