Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Loses Charity Rating


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Feb 8, 2010
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With PETA also being investigated, i am hopping the investigation goes along these same lines...

Earlier in July, word got out that America's non-profit media darling, the Humane Society of the United States, ran into a bit of bad luck. And when we say bad luck, we mean they finally got what was coming to them. Their fingerprints were all over the movie Blackfish and they're currently leading the smear campaign against aquariums to raise money for their own selfish interests.

When you think of the HSUS you automatically think of the saintly organization that operates shelters nationwide and saves hundreds of thousands of animals, the organization that stands up for the adorable and abused animals in TV commercials, and above all you probably believe this is the organization that big-hearted animal lovers should donate to. Right?

Wrong. All those associations are complete crap.

The HSUS has historically bragged about their 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, one of the most trust-worthy charity evaluators in the game. Recently, they were downgraded to a 3-star rating and now their rating has been completely revoked, a "Donor Advisory" warning taking its place.

The deceiving game of bait-and-switch has been played for years, with the HSUS inviting misplaced associations between themselves and local animal shelters (sometimes called Humane Societies). To put this in perspective, let's break down what this despicable organization did to motivate you to reach for your wallet and fork over millions of dollars to a corrupt "charity".

A film crew would go to a local humane society pet shelter and film some of the cute, cuddly, abused animals that volunteers dedicate their lives to rescuing. Those commercials would air on national television, pulling on America's heartstrings and leading unsuspecting viewers to believe that the HSUS had a hand in rescuing that animal or providing care after the rescue.

Want the truth? The HSUS didn't have anything to do with rescuing that animal. They didn't provide medical assistance or care for that animal and that poor animal won't see a penny of your donation. They scandalously only give 1% of their budget to local pet shelters and the HSUS doesn't even operate one pet shelter of its own. Yes, you read that correctly. Even though 85% of their fundraising propaganda features shelter animals, they do not operate a single local pet shelter.

Check out this national commercial featuring Wendie Malick. But while you're watching, keep in mind what we just told you. Feeling deceived yet?

Now you might be wondering, "Where exactly do those donations go?" Here's a hint.

In June, the Charity Navigator donor advisory warning went public. : “The advisory notifies website visitors of the $15.75 million settlement of a racketeering and bribery lawsuit that HSUS was a part of last month.”

Also according to, you can read more about that settlement here, but the lawsuit involved HSUS money allegedly paying a witness who lied to a federal court. Yikes.

Aside from the lawsuit, it has come to light that the HSUS diligently moved money to several funds in the Cayman Islands, calling them "investments". We're pretty sure that moving $26 million to offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands is called stashing money. And it's shady as hell.

The HSUS has essentially operated under the same donation-guise as PETA, where a large portion of their funding comes from people who are clueless about their real agenda. The time has come for American citizens to open their eyes and stop allowing the HSUS to misuse their hard-earned money.

In fact, PETA and the HSUS are driving the anti-captivity movement not for the welfare of animals, but to make money for themselves. They use and deceive people to promote corrupt agendas and the Cayman Island accounts confirm just how rotten this organization has become.

So if you care about puppies and kittens, as opposed to lobbyists and corrupt organizations, send your donations to local pet shelters instead of the HSUS. The animals will thank you for it
Good for the bastards! PETA Your next you pieces of crap.
hopefully this will wake some people up!
I am not much of a party person, but that is definitely something to party about!!!!
James, agree completely with your views. One of the more interesting videos I've seen in the last while was the CEO of HSUS, Wayne Pacelle, trying to skate around questions from senators at a Senate committee hearing. The guy should be a politician.

Having said that, I looked at Charity Navigator, and still find HSUS to get three stars (out of four). Nothing about the rating being revoked, or even anything about the circus lawsuit. Am I missing something?

May 15 2014
HSUS and Co-Defendants Pay $15.75 Million in Racketeering Lawsuit

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) shows TV commercials of abandoned and abused cats and dogs, raising money off of the confusion that it’s a pet shelter umbrella group. (It doesn’t run a single pet shelter anywhere.) Maybe its commercials should instead show HSUS’s lawyers paying a racketeering settlement with their tails tucked between their legs.

This morning news broke that HSUS and its co-defendants, including two HSUS employees, have agreed to pay $15.75 million to settle a long-fought lawsuit filed against them under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act—a law that’s been used to go after the mob.

The suit stems from litigation that animal rights activists, including an HSUS affiliate, pursued against the owner of the Ringling Bros. circus, Feld Entertainment. In that case, activists claimed that the circus was unlawfully harming elephants in its care, and their key witness was a former Feld handler.

However, as that case unfolded over a decade, a payment scheme was discovered going from plaintiffs and their lawyers to this witness. The court eventually threw out the lawsuit, finding that the witness was a “paid plaintiff” who was “not credible.” This paid witness even “lied” to the court.

Feld then filed suit under RICO, alleging bribery, illegal witness payments, and other torts. The ASPCA settled in late 2012 for $9.3 million. And today, the other co-defendants have paid $15.75 million.

The animal liberation movement has long been associated with extremist, bullying, and sometimes even terroristic tactics in pursuit of its radical goal to institute prohibition on how we use animals, whether for food, fiber, or entertainment. The FBI cracked down on the terroristic fringe over the past two decades. And the suit-wearing, lawyered-up part of the movement has now had its day in court. It comes up $15.75 million poorer, but with its inner workings exposed, the rest of society should feel better off.

Sadly, the real losers in this case are the thousands of individual donors who gave money to HSUS thinking that they were helping local animal shelters, only to find that their donations are footing the bill for HSUS’s mismanagement.
Good for them, I could never understand why conservation groups didn't pay investigators to show where there money went and then have PR guy entertain the media with the hypocrisy.
kind of appropriate, considering the topic:


Furthermore, Wayne Pacelle, the head of HSUS, has been supposedly quoted as saying he really didn't care about pets, and had no real love for domestic cats and dogs?

This article lays that out here:

And yet, their organization takes in a large portion of their funding from naive people that think they're helping all of the innocent puppies and kittens at their local animal shelter. The head of HSUS says, "I don’t want to see another dog or cat born” and “I don’t have a have a hands-on fondness for animals…there’s no special bond between me and other animals.”, and yet deviously sticks his hand out via the commercials, and asks for people to give to help them out. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.....

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