How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

The 7mm-08 spoke again. Granddaughter took her first antelope. One shot standing off sticks at a little over 150 yards. Bang, flop! Couldn’t be prouder!
Did a fly out to the Porcupine herd with a good friend this year. Seeing a couple hundred the day we flew in (can't hunt that day) we figured we could be picky. He got a great bull the next day and I got an OK one the following (pictured). The plan was to get one more each for the freezer. The caribou had different plans. Day three we were holding out for bulls and only saw cows, and last two day we saw none. That's how 'bou work sometime. Still had a great hunt.
I made my own thread for my family’s hunting season, but since this one got started up again I may as well throw the pics on here too.
Stepson’s cow moose:

My first crossbow mule deer:

My whitetail:

My father’s whitetail:

My wife’s whitetail:

It was a good year!
I’ve also put this in elsewhere but here goes anyway. AZ Coues.

Have done some helping on hunts, with camp and glassing. Moose, the hunter pasted on all, looking something bigger. Antelope the hunter took a nice buck for the area. Mule deer, the hunt took a nice buck, l also took a doe on this hunt. Than off upland bird hunting, first year for my two pups, and Joey who is 9 this year. Still have a couple more months with the upland hunting.

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double post.
Terrible. The gales and work have kept the deer population safe from me. Hoping Mother Nature is a bit more kind in December.
I finally drew a bear tag so I could hunt bear on my own place this year. Ended up wishing I had just bought the point which would have about guaranteed a tag next year as I had bear hunting at the same time as doing final preparations for @Just Gina and my wedding. And our trip to Tanzania.

Got lucky and bagged a nice bear. There was a bigger one around but only showing up middle of the night so I pulled the trigger on the first decent opportunity to show up.
@Just Gina is not impressed by the Pink Camo fad. On clothing but especially on guns.. She sees it and comments "What am I doing, hunting flamingos?"

A unique opportunity appeared one day in our backyard during bear season! Gina was preparing lunch in the kitchen and I looked out the dining room patio door and whispered to her to quickly but quietly come over. I was quickly outside on my hands and knees hiding behind some patio furniture and motioned her to get down while I hissed to hurry and look.... "Oh wait! Get your pink camo and pink gun!!!" As I pointed to side of the house where our target range is...

I got drawn for non-trophy Pronghorn this year, so I took the opportunity to head to southern Alberta for a few days and catch up with some good friends. Pronghorn are a fun hunt, and spending time with my friends made it just that much better!
Off the topic but I have a question. How does this tag system work? Is it if you hunt on public land?
Is it like a hunting lottery?
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Off the topic but I have a question. How does this tag system work? Is it if you hunt on public land?
Is it like a hunting lottery?
In a nutshell, yes it's a lottery for a species with limited availability in an area. The specifics vary depending on the location and species. Mostly it's public land, but private land may require a tag to be drawn too. As an example, Alaska has a couple bison herds. There's a lot of interest in hunting them, but not a lot of animals for that interest. So it's a drawing, with a rather low odds. I've known people to draw that tag first time, i've known others who haven't drawn it in a decade or two.

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2 more jackal , one was a big male!

We had another bushfire on a neighbours place we need some summer rain!