How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

Here is another Henry 45-70 killed buck - this one by my son-in-law on my place at Romance, MO.

Tarbe, Love that. Heck of a deer.
A Henry 22 was my first rifle. Been hooked ever since.
Late summer Coues buck and a mid- October Alces alces. Chased bugles for a week in Sept.and Mulies late Oct., both great hunts, but no animals were harmed in the adventures making.

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No deer yet, but went on my first pheasant hunt in KS. Had a blast
Shit season so far.
Don't have a dog but should get a new one before Christmas so next season will hopefully be better!
But got a moose cow and two roebucks so far. Also got two martens in my two traps.
Our 2019 season wrapped up this morning when the wife took her buck out of our family blind. Both her buck and mine had 4 points on the right antler and 6 on left....wonder if they were related? She has become deadly with that little .243!
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4 Wisconsin hunters shot in separate incidents on deer season's opening days; 1 suspect still unidentified

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is currently asking for any information, “no matter how insignificant it may seem,” that might lead to the identification of a suspect who shot another hunter during the opening weekend of deer season.

The hunter was one of four people who were shot during separate hunting-related incidents over the course of the opening weekend for hunting with guns.
Three other instances of hunters being injured on opening day of the season, two of which involved hunters shooting themselves in the feet – specifically their left feet – when their guns accidentally discharged.

Wishing you all a SAFE Thanksgiving and toasty warm left feet???

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big Eland spotted on the plains this morning!

Daggaboy spotted this morning at the mud-hole!