How Do Y'all Pay for these Safaris?

Jul 28, 2020
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Jacksonville, Florida
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I dream of going on a Hunting Safari to South Africa or Namibia. My concern is how do members of this forum pay for their trips? I believe many of you are very success in your business and careers, you have put in the work over the years to be able to afford to take hunting trips. I also see families going on Safari, I just would like to know if anyone has tips or suggestions on how to save, or make money on the side.

My wife and I both work, we have two young children. We work hard, paid off our student debts, paid cash for our cars, and our mortgage payment is very low. I can't justify to my spouse going to Africa if the house isn't paid off. She is very supportive of my hunting hobby, and she would love to go back to Africa (she has been all over for Africa for her work but is in a different role now, she doesn't travel anymore) but is concerned about how we can pay for a Safari.

I know this is a random question. Any advice or in general advice would be appreciated.

This is not my place of expertise, but I get what you are saying. First thing I would always say is make sure you family is happy first. I’ve seen my mother get frustrated with my dad because he is going off on a leopard hunt in the middle of the summer. And I get that thrill too! I am always excited to go on a new hunt or just to go hunting in general. But you always got to make sure everyone is ok with it or it will suck for everyone. Next, just cruise around. Go to a few shows. Talk to some people online. And you will eventually find something that is affordable and worth your time. And if nothing comes up, a Mule deer hunt or a classic Antelope never disappoint and can get you ready for something big in the future.

Best of luck,

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Doc attached.
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Yes, I am interested in some A Frames to load, if they are the 300 grain or other that will work for Cape Buff. I need enough to work up a load and sight in, then carry over there
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Wow, great response regarding the title of a thread and an amazing site.
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I am interested in hearing about your wild lion hunts.