Hi from Canada eh!

Hi from Ontario. I'm about to depart for my fourth trip to RSA. I only planned to go once but ... well ... you'll see. Thirteen skulls on the wall and waiting for a crate of eleven more to ship.

I find kudu and buffalo the most challenging to hunt. Three of the former and two buff on my walls. Sable are spectacular trophies but I didn't find mine a difficult hunt. Waterbuck are about on par with mule deer for huntability. Zebra, gemsbuck, and hartebeest are wary buggers. Usually lots of eyes to contend with. Springbuck and black wildebeest are a challenge just to get close enough for a shot. They like the wide open spaces and also herd animals. Bleasbuck are a good starter. And impala. Usually lots to pick from. One of you should consider nyala. Tough hunt and a beautiful animal. Stunning. Eland don't do anything for me. Don't know why. Just me.

Don't forget your bug dope. African tick bite fever can kick your butt. Ask me how I know!
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Hi folks, it was recommended that I do a quick introduction of myself, so here it is.
I’m from British Columbia, I’m 40, I love to backpack hunt in the mountains especially for sheep. I have a wife and 2 boys that also love the mountains. The reason I’m here…my greatest friend and hunting partner wants to go to Africa (so do I obviously) so here we are. Been kicking the idea around for awhile but we’re serious now and have settled on 2025 for the trip and leaning towards Namibia.

Thanks in advance for all the help. I’m gonna need some. Farthest I’ve travelled to hunt is Saskatchewan so….

Hope you stopped over in Alberta on your way to Saskatchewan. We have some pretty good hunting here too . . .!
Good day and welcome to AH. You are in the right space to search for a Safari that will meet and exceed your expectations. Game Trackers Africa (GTA) is a long standing Outfitting operation facilitating predominantly free-ranging safaris in Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Cameroon. Our South African Operation (Game Trackers Africa Rockwood Conservation) is based in the Northern Cape Province, hosting clients on a 33000 plus acre property with more than 22+ species (including large herds of Rhino and Buffalo) . Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or just general questions/ information. Continue to fire your dreams - best of luck and have a good day.

Web: https://www.gametrackersafrica.com/home/

Hunting reports on AfricaHunting.com for Game Trackers Africa:
- https://www.africahunting.com/threads/tanzania-three-generations-hunt-the-selous.45182/
- https://www.africahunting.com/threa...me-trackers-africa-in-the-eastern-cape.39710/
- https://www.africahunting.com/threads/tanzania-great-adventure-with-game-trackers-africa.40875/
- https://www.africahunting.com/threa...rk-continent-with-game-trackers-africa.40876/
Welcome to the site Backstrap.
You will find a wealth of information here.
We are not located in Namibia but close.
Our ranches are located in South Africa in the southern part of the Kalahari desert and some of our ranches are on the Botswana border and not far from the Namibian border also. So basically the same habitat, vegetation and species as Namibia has with the added bonus that you do not need an extra flight from Johannesburg to somewhere else. We pick up our clients in Johannesburg. We have large open extensive ranches that we privately own some of which are completely free range.
Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Hans de Klerk
Welcome welcome welcome

Youre welcome to contact me can definately help sort your first african safari for you

Welcome to the posting side. Enjoy.

Hope you stopped over in Alberta on your way to Saskatchewan. We have some pretty good hunting here too . . .!
I have been in Alberta working, travelling through and have definitely stopped to look at some of the fantastic animals that live there. I spent some time in the foothills around Sundre and a bunch of time north of grande prairie but finding a host with a schedule that matches up to mine has proven difficult so I’ve never hunted the province. Maybe one day!

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looking for 300 h & h flanged ammo
Looking for shipping advice. I will be hunting in Limpopo in March, and was wanting to know a general idea of shipping costs to return my mounts to the US when completed. Air or sea? Only plains game hunting.
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You are welcome to join our family at Blaauwkrantz in February. We have been hosting international hunters since 1978 and known to be the best kudu hunting in the world! we are based on our 100 000 acre ranch, an hours drive from the Port Elizabeth airport. Please email me on info@blaauwkrantz.com
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Good morning 7MAG. I have a NEW, never mounted, Leupold M8-4X Extended Eye Relief scope that I will sell you for $325 shipped to you. I was a Leupold rep for 12 years and this was always our preferred mounting for a lever gun, scout rifle style.
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You’ve got an interesting screen name. Will the Thrill provided lots of great times for me as a lifelong Giants fan. Even though I never met him, a number of buddies either duck hunted or shared a dugout with him. He’s a great guy according to those guys. Cool screen name and if that’s your real name, it’s a great one.