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Jun 5, 2019
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Stellenbosch, South Africa
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SA, Botswana, Namibia
Hi all,

Nice to check in ! I am a SA local hunter and nature enthusiast. Happy to refer / assist as SA local where possible.

I look forward to the expertise and knowledge of fellow members and sharing experiences with a like minded crowd.

I am considering the Blaser R8 and have more questions than available reviews and info on the web. The rifle system is not common amongst locals for a host of reasons and local outfitters/shops don’t have enough experience / support to answer my questions.

I am hopeful this community will be able to assist !
Welcome aboard Stefan_R8. The Blaser R 8 Guru on AH is Red Leg. Please post your list of questions and or concerns and he will answer them in detail.
Hello and welcome!
Welcome, Second that on @redleg for questions on the Blaser.
Welcome to AH Stefan_R8! Feel free to post your questions in the forum.
Welcome, plenty of R8 users on here.
Welcome to AH
Hi Stefan, welcome to AH !
Welcome to AH.
There at least a few folks here with Blaser experience.
Howdy & welcome! Your region produces excellent wine !
Giday and welcome to the A H forum Stefan
Welcome Stefan_R8 to the forum! You might do a site search for R8 to start out.
Welcome Stefan! Don't be shy around here. Ask lots of questions and make some new friends. Enjoy!
I'm a little late in doing so as your first post was while I was in your country hunting last week. But welcome to AH!
Hi welcome aboard :D Beers:....and @Red Leg here is another misguided soul like yourself who likes those R8 things. ....;):p:ROFLMAO:
Ah jeez @spike.t, I haven’t wandered that far down the road to perdition - simply trying to recognize and savor my idiosyncrasies.

Welcome Stefan. Yes, there are a number of us who are fans of the R8. I have been using one pretty extensively for the last couple of years, and have concluded it is the finest production rifle extant. No it is not a bespoke English express rifle, but it is, in my opinion, the best engineered rifle on the market. It is also the easiest traveling rifle I have ever owned other than a double. Anyway, happy to discuss my impressions.

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