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Mar 4, 2015
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This is my son's Heym. He wants to parlay his equity into a Birmingham 450-400 double rifle for dangerous game in 2024 so he asked me to sell it for him.

The gun is a Heym Luxus 26b in 7x65R with upgraded wood. It also includes at least one case of German RWS/GECO ammo. It has upgraded wood. It has a Kahles optic (w/ box and papers). French fitted leather case with brass corners, turnscrew, and a wool & canvas outer cover. It is extraordinarily accurate in the 8-10 rounds we shot off sticks it had perfect regulation at 50 meters, about 1" to 1.5" high. Definitely suitable for shots on game out to 200 yards.

$8000 delivered in lower 48 States to your FFL. A great double for all hunting in North America, plus plains game in Africa, plus everything in Europe.




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If you decide to let some of the ammo or once fired brass go please let me know. I a slightly older heym that shoots great.
Did it come with that case or did you have it made?
Could you post a picture of the right side?

The 26B is a fantastic little rifle! I was on a hog hunt near Brady Texas 2007. The owner of Heym, his side kick (name escapes me) and Chris Sells were present and had a 26B chambered in 30-30. It made a big impression on me. At the time my primary interest was a big bore side by side otherwise I would have seriously considered one.
No interest on this forum, so it has now been listed on GI. I realize AH policy is that things aren't supposed to be listed in two places, so they can delete this thread if they wish.
I have the same model 26 Heym but in my case it is a so called BBF, or Bockbüchsflinte which is german for a rifled barrel and a smooth bore barrel in the same gun. Mine is built on order by me in 20/76 and .22 Hornet especially for hunting black grouse and capercaille with a tree barking dog which is a quite common hunting method in Scandinavia, in my case a finnish spitz.

Anyway the Heym 26 is a extremely high quality model, and the engraving is also quite nice, I went with the Superluxus 1 model that has an engraving which is basically the same as the one on the gun rookhawk is selling on the sideplates but with the addition of extensive hand engraving on both the upper parts aswell as the lower part of the action aswell as upgraded wood which I got to choose from a wide selection of samples when I placed the order a couple of years ago, to bad that Heym seems to have stopped taking custom orders since then.

As far as I understand it Heym has since cancelled this model so I assume that it has become very hard to get hold of a model 26 in the same condition as the one rookhawk is selling, especially in the United States, in europe there still seems to be some supply but only of the simpler base model without engraving.
I would dearly love to browse through Roohawk's gunroom; no touching, mind, just to look (and NOT drool anywhere). I'd happily bring a really good bottle of something for him to enjoy later ...

I view this as a written contract and I'm holding you to it. Bring booze, touch any fine gun you want.

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