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    In addition to hunting safaris throughout Africa we arrange several photographic trips each year.

    I am communicating with a prospective client regarding a photographic trip. By the way, he is not anti-hunting. One of the lodges we have in his itinerary is an area that allows hunting as well as photographic clients,
    (not at the same time).

    We have sent several photographic trips to this destination over our fifteen years and received wonderful reviews of the location.

    He asks a valid question on which I have my opinion but thought this was a great question for the experts on the ground daily in Africa. I have posed this queston to our partner in RSA who is a licensed PH as well.

    I really am interested to hear opinions on behaviour of game in someplace like Kruger as opposed to somewhere like the Save Valley Conservancy.

    Questions posed by client:

    1) "At the hunting camps, do for example lions and leopards allow non-hunters to come as close to them as in a non-hunting camps?"

    2) "From everything I've heard, anywhere hunting is allowed, the animals are more skittish. For good reason. The newer photo concessions have trouble for the first few years until the animals feel safe. But to have both? I don't know how that could work well."

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