Hello from Utah

Welcome aboard!

Please share your experience and pics with us!
Welcome to AH!
Hi Brent, welcome to AH !

Pics and story, please :D
Welcome to AH.
Welcome to the forum Brent.
Welcome to AH sir!
Story and more pictures to come after work
Wow! Not sure I took enough ammo for that many animals! Congratulations on such a successful hunt and welcome to AH!

Oh yes, I am jealous of your avatar!
Welcome from Utah!
What skull is that between the waterbuck and gemsbok?
Welcome to AH!
Welcome aboard Brent. Glad you decided to join us. Where did you hunt, what outfitter did you use, what rifle(s) and caliber(s) did you use? Your hunting report does not have to cover the entire hunt with a single posting. Most of the guys write up the hunt a day at a time and post them separately.
Day 1 of my safari was blessed with this beautiful zebra and blesbok, I mentioned to my PH that I would like a zebra with strong white stripes on its face, as we sat on an overlook our master tracker Patrick came over and told us he had spotted 2 zebra so we took a look at them and decided one of them had the colorations I like on the face, the wind was blowing right to them so we New they were going to bust out of there, Patrick decided to hike around and above them to see if he could get them to move our way, we were perched on a cliff looking into the valley just above a plateau we thought they would travel on if they came back our way. As luck would have it the plan worked and I set up on the sticks, Willem ranged them at 260 yards and told me the one I wanted was the one in the back, I settled the 30.06 and touched the trigger. As the shot rang out Willem told me reload Incase we need another shot, the zebra ran into the thick brush and only one came out and ran over the hill calling out to the other. We sat there watching the brush to see if we could see any movement but the only movement we saw was from the wind, we decided to head off the cliff and see if we could turn it up, the shot sounded good, Willem said to me it looked like I hit it but we don’t know if it’s down and that zebra are very tough animals. We made it down to the brush we last saw it go into and found some blood, as we worked the corner of the brush Willem looks at me and says there it is right there, as he is taller than I am, I asked “is it dead”, the smile on his face and the hand shake and the congratulatory hug told me I had my zebra.. very excited I went to it and thanked him for its life and the beauty of the animal, I rubbed my hand from face to tail and told him he was beautiful, I am very pleased with my zebra and look forward to the pedestal mount to be finished so I can honor a cherish this beautiful creation for the rest of my lifetime
Welcome to AH Brent C! Glad you found us and joined our community.

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