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Jun 10, 2023
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My name is Joe and after stumbling across many internet search engine hits to this forum and finding a lot of very interesting content I've decided to join up and say hello.

I have never hunted Africa but I really want to someday. This seems like a great place to gather information from those who have and I look forward to participating.

Lever rifles are my real passion but I love a good bolt rifle as well. I aspire to own a double in 500NE at some point.

I have 7 lever rifles in all, some in common chamberings, other not so common.
The pride and joy of my safe is a modern Miroku Winchester 1886 Takedown that I had Turnbull turn into the rifle I've dreamed for years of owning. It's now a 45-90. I live close enough to Doug's shop that I dropped it off and picked it up in person. His showroom is very nice with many trophies on display including two cape buffalo he took with his 1886 chambered in his 475 Turnbull cartridge. Was very cool to see.


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welcome welcome welcome

i can help you hunt in africa, feel free to contact me anytime
Hello and welcome!
:S Welcome:
I’ll add that I went to college in the early 90’s @ Rochester Institute of Technology. I was a member of the Rochester-Brooks gun club. In short, rural NY is beautiful country & I enjoyed the heck out of it. From the Catskills, Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls. Now NYC, I did go there but got the hell out when done partying and visiting the local must see sites, never to return ever again. Only 2 of 9 friends from NY, still live there today. 1 from Schenectady & the other from Poughkeepsie…one can’t afford to leave and the latter is rich enough to avoid the static. Lovely rifle, btw, total gun porn.
Was born, raised and still reside in northern Oneida county. I'm about 15 miles north of the I90 Thruway about halfway between Utica and Syracuse. Very near the northeast corner of Oneida Lake.
Welcome to AH. You've come to the right place to research an African safari. Beautiful rifle.
Was born, raised and still reside in northern Oneida county. I'm about 15 miles north of the I90 Thruway about halfway between Utica and Syracuse. Very near the northeast corner of Oneida Lake.
@RIDE-RED350r - Welcome to AH.

I was born and raised in Clinton, NY...just SW of Utica a bit. I know all about the three "C's"...Corn, Cows and Cold...that's what Upstate NY is all about.
lol it was cold as hell up there & the lake effect deep snow! Never been in your neighborhood, except for a Syracuse vs Texas football game in the Carrier dome. I did get nailed on that thruway in my red 91 mustang 5.0 by a trooper who tore through the median in his 5.0 mustang, that was one expensive ticket. “…from Texas, huh?…step out of the vehicle, Sir.” That was Darien Lakes country. We also did some late night drunken cow tipping back in then until run off by shotgun. Sorry about that, someone else’s idea. lol
Beautiful rifle.

There’s fair bit of folks here from NY; I live a bit north of Poughkeepsie and grew up outside Buffalo.

I would guess more than a few never make it to Africa to hunt because of perceived dangers. Frankly the long airline travel is the worst of it.
Hello RIDE-RED350r,

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

Your .45-90 is stunning.
When I was still young, I shot a black tail deer, with my Browning Model 1886 carbine, in caliber .45-70 and a Remington 405 grain flat nose jacketed soft.
I liked that rifle but not enough to keep it forever.
Sold it to help pay for more hunting and fishing trips.

When you get around to it, have a look into the Khomas Safaris web site.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog.
Thanks for the warm welcome and compliments folks.

My 1886 was a VERY nice rifle as it was when I got it. Mr. Turnbull's crew took it over the top and I have no regrets whatsoever of what I spent with them to make it what it is.
Welcome to the site sir. There are a fine group of individuals on here that are a wealth of information.
You hang out here you WILL be going to Africa. Inform your wife that when in Africa you will be safe and secure, as previously stated that God awful flight from ATL is way more dangerous!
Beautiful rifle. I am originally from the Southern Tier area near Binghamton. Am recently retired in Cincinnati, OH now.
My wife has been to Africa twice now and looking forward to yet another visit to Namibia.
Africa does not have a patent on danger, it will be anywhere that criminals abide.

The only caution = the same caution for the USA or name your country:
IE: If you must spend time in any big city, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Johannesburg, New York, London, Quito, Mexico City, Bangkok, etc., etc., just stay away from the slums, ghettos and ratty looking neighborhoods.

Bush Africa is generally safer than bush Alaska, due to better weather, especially during winter, LoL.

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in-between all the bush fire, hunting and work on the hunting area its hard to find time for fishing as well
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is the 505 gibbs still for sell? Thanks!