Welcome to the site from another Buckeye on the North Coast.
Certainly glad to have you join this great site!!
:S Welcome:
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to another Buckeye!
“Fu(dge), dude. I’m from Ohio!”

DAC to Bruce Springsteen. :)

Welcome from southwestern Ohio!
Hello Cutter1420,

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog.
Good day! Welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH Cutter1420! Looking forward to your contribution.
Welcome! An endless supply of top notch information and experience here for sure. Just beware - it becomes addictive fast. Lol.
Hello and welcome!
Glad to be here.
Hope to learn
Contribute when can
Welcome - I think you’ll enjoy this Forum - I do and only been on it a few months. Lots of good experiences shared by well mannered Hunters from all over the World - I learn a lot. Ohio has some very good whitetails, my friend has a small farm there and his bucks always better then the ones on my cameras around here.....Regards
Welcome to a fellow hunter from Ohio! Looking forward to hearing more from you!
Welcome to AH. Nice to have you as part of our community. Enjoy the forum
Thanks to everyone for the enthusiastic welcome….
Welcome to the forum!

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Is this still available? I have been travelling and just caught back up so not sure if this has sold yet or not! Thanks in advance