Hello From Land of the Free Georgia, USA

I’m a little late, but welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH Red Dog Rising!
Welcome to the family and the forum Red Dog Rising! Nice to have you as part of the forum. Enjoy the site!
Red Dog Rising, please add me to the list of welcomers. I see that you were already asked to give us a little more background about you as a hunter. What I didn't see was an answer. Given a little info, we can "figure out" where you are coming from so to speak.
THere are a few of us n Georgia that are on this site, Where in GA are you?
I'm near Savannah.
Welcome sir glad to have you. I’m in Acworth
Welcome to AH Red Dog Rising. Enjoy the forum, it's very addicting.

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James Friedrichs wrote on Garrett89's profile.
beautiful reel. do you have some room in the price? James
just posted an Buffalo and sable package on the deals page, please have look!

I'm trying to obtain an Australian Visa, but I was arrested over 10 years ago and the government is requesting a state police clearance letter and character declaration letter. Do I need to provide an FBI criminal record check as well?

This is the most difficult place I have ever tried to get into.


doing some culling today for the pot!
Should have recieved it, seems your FFL was a bit of a hassle