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Oct 11, 2011
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Hello, my name is Russell Liv and I came across this site during a websearch. I'm a Lifelong Hunter. As you can tell by my handle... I like Coues Deer. Have never been to Africa but would like to one day...

I have a website on Longrange Rifle Hunting called www.rifle-accuracy-reports.com showing and teaching people how to responsibly practice and shoot longer range shots on big game animals.

I look forward to visiting this site alot and learning all that I can... and hopefully add useful information.
Welcome to the forum Russell!

Hope to see you in Africa some day.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Russel I look forward to your first article on your chosen field of expertise.
Welcome to AH.
Welcome! We had a fun hunt for pigs in No.Cal. Red Bluff area, great long-range shooting opportunities out there. saw many deer as well...

All the best, -joester
welcome to AH
Welcome to AH Russell!
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to the forum, Russell, do come to Africa, you won t regret it !

That s an interesting website that you have.
Welcome to AH Russel! Enjoy the site.
Welcome to AH!
Russel, welcom to the forum, you will love it here. BTW you can use lead based bullets here, lol, Scott.
Thanks Jerome for the welcome.

Also thanks to Richteb, Joester, Brickburn, JamesGrage, Rick B, 35 Bore, Nyati, Bob Puckett,
and the rest of the AH Guys.... I'm Hunting for Coues Deer during the late November hunt
on Thanksgiving Day in Arizona... getting excited, hopefully I will have an interesting story
to tell.

Shooting a custom .300 RUM made by Kirby Allen of Allen Precision. with a 200 grain Nosler Accubond. I expect to do alot of glassing looking for these small deer.
Welcome. What distances are you talking about for big game?

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