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Jun 25, 2024
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Down under
Australia & New Zealand
I have been hunting since I could walk. It started with rabbits and has progressed from there. I am a rifle hunter and most of my rifles are custom builds. That is where my passion is.
I have a number of Martinis in 22Hornet, 222Rimmed, 45/70, 45/100 and the current build is 416/348Ackley Improved.
There are 2 Enfields the P17 is in 280AI and the P14 is 9.3X64Brenneke.
A recent build was a 243AI on an Omark 44 action.
I am also currently building a 416 WSM on a Siamese Mauser.
I have my own workshop and try to do as much of the work on the rifles as I can.
Recently with supply shortages and the trying to get projectiles for he 416s I have made up dies to start forming jackets and ultimately bullets from 1/2" copper tube. Starting from 1/2" I draw down to .458 and then draw down to .416. Cores are cast to suit either calibre. I soon realised the limitations of the RockChucker press so have built my own swaging press based on the Cast Boolit V2 design.
I love shed time as much as hunting.
Hello and welcome!
:S Welcome:
Greetings BlueFlyer,

Khomas Highland Hunting and Fishing Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

I too am a rifle enthusiast, especially the
The Pattern 17 Enfield action is excellent (Pattern 14 as well).
Great minds think alike.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog.
Welcome to AH BlueFlyer!
WOW, what an intro. Looking forward to more stories (and photos) of your rifles and projects, there is a lot to share.
This is a great forum as you already probably know and a swag of Aussies who visit from time to time. I am one and based in Darwin. So G'day and welcome (y)
The Pattern 17 Enfield action is excellent (Pattern 14 as well).
Hi Velo Dog.
Yes they are great actions, but mine are a little underutilised as you can fit any cartridge you want in it.
The P14 was a problem to get it to feed the 9.3X64Brenneke. With a plain box it would feed most of the time, but not always which is not what you need if it gets hectic.
The final solution was to fit a Schultz & Larsen “L” 3-round magazine. With a bit of work, you just open the hinged floorplate slide in the magazine, closing the floor plate clamps the magazine in, and no one would know.
Welcome aboard BlueFlyer. We have a lot of Aussies on the site, do you know any of them? When you get time, haw about showing us some of the game you've taken?
Welcome! Enjoy the site!
Welcome to AH! Let us know if you have any questions...
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH
Welcome to AH.

+1 on encouraging you to show us your custom firearms.
G’day from Australia.
Good day! Welcome from our side too!
Best regards

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