Have to Cancel Our Africa Hunt-Vacation


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Jun 15, 2019
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My wife and I are supposed to be leaving for Africa next month, a trip we’ve been planning for a year. Have been having a health issue lately and went in for an exploratory procedure yesterday to see what’s going on. While the results were much better than they could have been, they still came back to a degree that our trip is going to have to be canceled. We are both really disappointed, to say the least. Good news is the condition is manageable once I get some things in check and British Airways is going to let us hold the tickets for a year until we are able to reschedule. We will be going to Africa, but looks like it’s going to take a bit longer to get there....
Sorry to hear of this, I can imagine how disappointed you must be. I hope you have a full recovery and make that long awaited for trip in good health.

But glad it's all manageable!

It will be that much better when it happens.
Sorry to read that, but overall it sounds like you’ll make it regardless.
Sorry to hear, but glad things are looking up for the future! Stay positive and hope you can get there next year!
Ugh! What a terrible decision to have to make! I hope you make a full recovery and we read a great report in a year(y)
Very sorry to hear this news, but apparently you will eventually make your trip happen. Just so you know your not alone, my father in laws buddy and his wife had a photo Safari vacation in Africa planned for last May, but ONE week before their planned departure, he fell twenty feet off a ladder at work and broke both of his heels! Long recovery, but he’s much better now and even went pheasant hunting last weekend. Their planning on their trip this year. Keep positive and never give up!
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Good luck on your recovery. Looking forward to your eventual report.
Don't look at this as a setback., rather think of it as an opportunity to save up a little more money so that you can take some additional animals when you do go. Doing this will keep things in a positive light.
Oh oh. That doesn't sound good. I hope it all works out in the long run. Take care of yourself first. Africa will be there for you down the road, waiting for you as you are for her. Best wishes to you and your health. :A Exam:
Very sorry to hear this. Here’s to a speedy recovery and a successful hunt in the future!
You're already focused in the right direction.
I wish you a quick recovery.
Hope you get everything back in order and that trip rescheduled quickly.
Now, just think about your health (y)

Africa will wait for you :)
We hope you get well soon and sorry that you will have to move out the dates for your hunt sir.

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