Guns & Ammo For Namibia

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    Guns & Ammo For Namibia

    Lots of folks call and/or write me about what guns to take to Africa, but when asked where they are going, very few say “Namibia”.

    Many say they are going to expensive places like Botswana, Zambia, or Tanzania, but most are going to South Africa or Zimbabwe.

    Why more hunters do not take advantage of Namibia is beyond me.
    My wife and I just returned from our third trip to Namibia, and, it IS Africa’s Best kept secret.

    We spent a week with Jan Visser and his wonderful wife Marie at Klawerberg Ranch, just 30 minutes from Windhoek International Airport.

    Our arrival at the airport was as hassle free as one could ever ask. Gun permits issued, and Customs and Immigration cleared very nicely
    We tested a variety of guns and ammo while there. I killed three Springbok, one a monster 15” male using three different rifles. One was a 300 Win Mag with 180 gr bullets, another was a 30-06 with 180 gr bullets, and finally a 270 Win with 130-gr ammo. Ya know what? It made no difference what so ever to the Springbok, they all just went down at the shot. Ah, but bullet placement is EVERYTHING.

    For Red Hartebeest and Gemsbok, the 180-gr bullets from the 300 Win Mag were a perfect combination.

    Unless a hunter is going to hunt the BIG animals like Buffalo etc, he certainly does not need a 375 H&H. It is far more important to put that first shot where it is supposed to be than anything else.

    If you happen to shoot a 30-06 or 270 Win very well, please just bring it on your next plains game safari. No need to run out and buy a new “bigger” gun.
    I happen to like my 338 Win Mag about as well as anything I shoot. It is more than enough gun for all plains game from Eland on down, and I have shot “everything” from Eland to Springbok with mine.

    While in Namibia, be sure to take advantage of the wonderful shopping opportunities. We spent an afternoon in downtown Windhoek, and it was very delightful. We felt safe, and were treated very nicely by everyone. We also did our best to stimulate the local economy. With the excellent exchange rates, we got great value for our money spent.

    After our hunting trip, we stopped in to the local NAPHA, or Namibian Professional Hunters Association in Windhoek.

    Three of the animals we had taken qualified for Gold Medals, so we went to collect them, and the nice certificates that go along. They will make a very nice addition to our other trophies.

    The NAPHA does a great job of watching over the hunting industry in Namibia. I sure wish other countries I have been in had such a great organization watching over them.

    We are already planning our next trip to Africa, and guess what, Namibia, is on the must stop and see list again. This time we want to also take a trip to the ocean, and see the vast sand dunes. African Safaris are not all hunting. There is so much to see and do, that one just runs out of time trying to see all the wonderful things there.

    In a past trip, we had visited Etosha Park. That certainly should be on anyone’s list of things to see when they go to Namibia. Take a couple extra days and do it.

    One could write on and on about Africa’s Best Kept Secret, so why don’t you come over and see for your self.

    You will be glad you did.

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