Gun Control - The Debate, Argument Or Whatever ...

Fair enough. I think my main point is that blaming a gun is not a valid argument, while saying a decline in religion (not as a sole reason, but part of it) is a valid argument. I think @Royal27 and @Red Leg have some good insights - it has more to do with some larger societal issues.

Also there are several countries that have higher instances mass shootings than the US even though the have a lower % of folks that see religion as important - France being the prime example
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could you post the source of that table? I'll be using it up here to slap our politicians
I agree that removing God from our schools and our culture is problem #1 and #2 would be the total breakdown in the traditional family.....our government helped this along with the welfare system. Taking fathers out of the equation ended up making the family out of balance.....I believe a family needs a father.....the father used to represent the discipline side...or the threat of. You breakdown and destroy the go "askew".....most moms can't handle the day work, raising kids, the is too much demanded upon them.

I like the concept of concealed carry in schools but the key word here is training. I'm a certified concealed carry instructor in Kansas and believe concealed training should be mandatory....however, in Kansas, now, it is not required. All carriers need to understand bullet penetration and where that round can go. Shoot, don't shoot scenarios. And the firearm has to be on the can't leave the gun in a purse in the control from someone else obtaining. Concept is sound to me if bad guys don't know who is armed, good deterrent issue....if training is provided and stressed I believe the idea has merit.
No one wants to disarm you. But not every idiot needs to get a gun.
What goes wrong in a society that prefers to sacrifice a dozen children a month instead of thinking about antiquated rights?
18 school shootings took place this year in the USA (we have March now !)
Today in a school in Dalton /Georgia a maniac's shooting around himself again.
I know the victim statistic in Europe very well and this is also a reality,but yours is unique .
Thoughts and prayers are much to less.
Jerome,it's a mystery to me why this controversy runs under the thread "Humorous Jokes" ??
What does that look like to our opponents?
(a fighter for legal weapons,but not for idiots and their kollegs)
@Foxi the 18 ‘school shootings’ included suicides, murder (which seems to happen in gun controlled areas, at least poor places) etc. not massacre which were 3
We're not even two full months into 2018, and there have already been at least eight school shootings in the US.

The parameters CNN followed in this count are:
  • A shooting that involved at least one person being shot (not including the shooter)
  • A shooting that occurred on school grounds
  • We included grades K through college/university level
  • We included gang violence, fights and domestic violence
  • We included accidental discharge of a firearm as long as the first two parameters are met
Accidental discharge! Gang violence (*cough*. Chicago *cough* unarmed *cough*) These numbers were pulled by anti gun biased people, who put stuff like burns and hearing loss (suppressors are hard to get-NFA) in gun injury! If there is a European gun law I like, It is allowing easy access to suppressors
regarding the 18 school shooting this year. the figures included any discharge of a firearm at a school whether there were students there or not. There were several accidental discharges and even a stray bullet fired from who knows where that where included in these numbers. Students asked God "why did you allow this to happen in our schools? God replied, I was not allowed in your schools". Yet we teach our students to bow down an kneel to observe and respect Islamic teachings. Go figure.
Not much to add to whats already been said here. But i think gun owners need to keep firm and be vocal about the failure of society, and more importantly the lefts view and application of society in contributing to shootings. Yes there fault. They look the other way when selling our children a violent movie, portraying gun culture as the villain instead of safety and respect for guns, there uses and benefits and history. The obscene prolonged childhood, helping older teens and younger adults avoid the responsibility of a fulfilled life. Example, 30 year olds still living with there parents. Ect ect ect. Im 36 so i fall into that age group and yes not all of us have had sh*tty parents. But i just wanted to chime in here. I really enjoy this online forum and its efforts and others. Like i said, there fault and i wanna cram it down there throat
The concern I have isn't with gun control but competence. There is a lot of studies about effective armed response and fear. Last I read the police in the USA will hit a target in a firefight 20% of the time. The criminals have about a 12% likelihood of hitting their target. If we assume teachers will not have time to do specialist firearms training they will send lead into rooms and hallways crowded with children up to 80-88% of the time. I will be interested to see how this gap in competence will be met.

The other thing that has gotten lost with this deputy is that the US military has a lot of data on fear. Bottom line is there is no actual way to control it. Once you brain goes into self preservation mode you do not act rationally. Loads of examples of this.

So, I really question whether the deputy response was intentioanl in that sense when it has nothing to do with his training. But, also, he was probably not skilled enough to conduct a firefight in a hallway teaming with people. So I think things would have gotten messy if he tried to identify a 19 year old target in a sea of 17 year olds who were probably running around with bags and who knows what else.

From the studies whomever is carrying a weapon, and does not have active shooter training, will only provide safety in a very limited scenario. Certainly not in a complex school shooting situation. That's probably why in some 53,000 firearm incidents in 2015 only about 1300 where self defense situations. Most of the time it is better to leave it to the specialists.

sorry not real good with this system yet.
Soft targets are just that. I carry every day and am extremely aware of my
surroundings so as not to be a "soft" target. I put a bullet proof panel in my daughters
back pack this week and this is very saddening to me. This is the world we live in and the
only defense against senseless violence is making it more dangerous for these deranged
people to carry out these acts. Speaking to the deputies that did not engage the shooter
in florida, they have no place in law enforcement! just my two cents but I wish more law abiding
citizens would get training and exercise their constitutional rights!
amen brother!!!
otherwise known as having a chopadickoffame! The reverse is known as an addadicktome.
otherwise known as having a chopadickoffame! The reverse is known as an addadicktome.

Don't even have to go that far. Just self-identify.
Don't even have to go that far. Just self-identify.

Last time I checked, Facebook has seventy one different selections for gender identity. Two work but I probably need to do some additional research since I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of trans-Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer.
March 10, 2018
Justice Department files regulation to ban 'bump stocks'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Justice formally submitted a regulation on Saturday to ban “bump stocks,” a modification to high-capacity rifles that lets them fire like an automatic weapon.

President Donald Trump signed a memorandum in February directing the department to make the regulatory change, which must now be approved by the Office of Management and Budget before it is published and subject to a commentary period.

The move does not require congressional approval, allowing the administration to side-step what could have been insurmountable pressure from pro-gun groups such as the National Rifle Association that have worked to erode changes in firearm laws in the wake of mass shootings in Florida and Nevada.

The NRA supported more regulations on bump stocks but has not endorsed Trump’s ban and said previously it was awaiting the publication of the regulation before rendering judgment.

The NRA could not immediately be reached for comment.

Shooter Stephen Paddock was in possession of a “bump stock” after a shooting rampage in Las Vegas in October 2017 that left 58 people dead and more than 850 injured.
I don't personally have any time for bump stocks, but the idea this is doing anything useful in banning them is a bit silly. If you have legal semi-auto, and legal belt feed, or functioning high capacity mags, all you need are electrical components to automate the trigger. Regulating late 19th century technology is a toughie.
Ron White is right you can't fix stupid not even with duct tape. And IQ or education has nothing to do with it.

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