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May 29, 2023
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Hello Fellow Members,
I am new to the Forum but have been a reader for some time. I have never hunted Africa but have several Friends that do and the big bore guns really interest me. I am intrigued by the History of hunting in Africa. I build some rifles and barrels, mostly for long distance shooting out to 1 mile. At 70 years I will likely never make it to Africa but learning from those that do is enjoyable.
Welcome aboard from a fellow Tarheel!
At 70 years I will likely never make it to Africa but learning from those that do is enjoyable.
Hello fellow tarheel. Seems there are quite a few here.
Never say never about making it to Africa. Never been myself, but 65 years old here and looking at some plains game hunts I can afford, and hope to do in a year or so. Would be nice to breathe that air and walk that ground.
:S Welcome:

Last time I went to Africa I was 72 :D Cheers:
:S Welcome:
Welcome to you! Glad you have arrived!
Giday Joel and welcome to the A H forums where many of us hunt africa through the eye of other forum members.
Greetings and welcome sir! You should jump on going and not to worry, your outfitter can and will put together a hunt tailored for you. I took my father at 68 and will again this July at 73. We don't take anything but memories when we move on my friend........!
Hello joelpend,

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

I too am 70 years of age.
If I have anything to say about it, I will hunt and fish in Africa more times yet to come.
Like other members here have already said, one is never too old to experience Africa.

When you get around to it, have a look into the Khomas Safaris web site.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog.
Welcome to AH joelpend! Hope you make it to Africa.
Good day, Sir! Welcome from us too!
Welcome to AH!

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