Green Hunting In Zimbabwe

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    Green Hunting In Zimbabwe

    Hunting season begins with ministry trying new method.

    ZIMBABWE’S 2009 hunting season started in earnest this month, with the country experimenting on a new non-consumptive hunting method, Green Hunting.

    Under the Green Hunting, a professional hunter does not kill the animal for trophy but shoots with darts to subdue the animal and have pictures taken with it, before the animal is resuscitated.

    In an interview yesterday, Environment and Natural Resources Minister Francis Nhema said the new concept was being introduced on an experimental basis.

    "Green Hunting is a departure from normal hunting system where trophy seekers come from say, Texas in the United States of America, to kill the animal and carry the trophy for display.

    "This one allows the hunter to dart the animal until it faints then pictures are taken of the hunter and the animal.

    "After some minutes, the animal is resuscitated and the hunter only carries with him the pictures for memorabila,’’ said Minister Nhema.

    The concept has been adopted in Europe where there are no longer animals to hunt.

    Minister Nhema said although Zimbabwe has many animals placed on the consumptive hunting quota, there was need to experiment with the new concept to cater for every hunter.

    "We are doing it because it is on offer internationally but we need to establish certain facts through this experiment. Are there hunters who want to do just that? What happens to the animal’s psychology after being resuscitated? What happens to an animal that has been darted, say, twice or thrice? All these questions need to be answered through this experiment before we can proceed go full scale on it," he said.

    Source: Business Reporter

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    I think that Green Hunting will be a big success!! If it is done correctly and not to often It will be a big boom for the industry & also keep the population numbers at a healthy level!!

    More hunters will have the opportunity to hunt these animals that otherwise wouldn't be hunted... Just hope they all use their heads & keep accurate records as it appears to be working for Rhino's in other countries!

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