Gredos Ibex hunting early December


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Jul 1, 2012
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Has anyone been over during that time frame to hunt Gredos that could tell me a little about the weather? I’m just not sure what to pack or what type of weather I can expect. Thanks for your help.
Spain is normally dry. However, in December it can rain and even snow. You will likely either be dry and cool or damp and cold. Bring a waterproof parka that can be part of a layered approach - gortex is still hard to beat. Bring waterproof knee high gaiters. A lot of the ground is covered in grass that can soak your legs if wet. The Gredos are not the Rockies, but still steep enough to demand a quality hiking boot with aggressive tread. I wear kuiu pants and gaiters, and layer under garment, micro-fleece zipper shirt/sweater and parka. A good wool sweater is never a mistake. If it matters to you, only Americans wear camo. (y)

It is a great hunting experience. We will be back in late October for our second Gredos Ibex and boar hunt doing exactly the same thing. Hope you have some tourist time built in as well - Madrid is wonderful!! Great place to bring a non-hunting spouse.
Thanks for the help. What is the temp typically range from per day do you know? I’m bringing my wife so I know she will want/need to know. We are really looking forward to it and will be hunting fallow, gredos, boar, mouflon and will be doing the driven bird hunting. Really really looking forward to it though and feel it’s going to be a great trip.

As for travel we are going to do 4 days on the front end and 3 days on the back end of travel. I loved Madrid when I lived there one summer back in college but am looking forward to going back to see some of our old spots we liked to hangout as well as new stuff.

As for camo I have no problem wearing it. I also like the beretta gear really well also though.
What I meant by the camo comment is that no one else will be wearing it, and they joke a bit about American’s wearing it. I wear traditional browns and greens. I absolutely would not wear camo on a driven bird shoot. Might check with your outfitter how formal that shoot will be.

I am sure the web has typical temp ranges, but a typical winter day in the foothills will be near freezing at dawn and high fifties/ low sixties in the afternoon. The Gredos are not high by Alpine standards, but high enough to be below freezing at night and near that during the day if weather moves in. Hit a clear stretch, and you may be hunting in the fifties. In late fall, I was in and out of an olive drab parka constantly. Fortunately, while after Ibex you’ll be moving a lot. For boar, you’ll almost certainly be in a stand over bait, and like everywhere, they come early and late. A parka with a bit of insulation might be a good idea.
+1 on the bucket list.

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